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What is dissociative fugue? Cause? Onset? Recovery?

-Sudden, unexpected travel or wandering away from home
-Associated with amnesia for identity or important autobiographical info
-Often following a natural disaster or in wartime
-Onset and recovery are sudden


What is the criteria for dissociative identity disorder?

-Existence of 2 or more distinct personalities, each with its own memories, attitudes, perceptions
-Person switches back and forth between personalities
-There's at least partial amnesia of these personalities for each other
-Experience of possession can be an alternate personality


What is the psychodynamic dissociation-trauma model for dissociative identity disorder?

-Severe trauma in early childhood (physical, sexual, witnessing)
-Child escapes psychologically through imagining a new identity and self-hypnosis
-Dissociative experience leads to distinct memories, unique feelings, and the beginnings of a new identity
-Dissociated identities first formed in childhood reappear as alter personalities within the same person
-Disorder triggered by stressors occurring in adulthood


What is the iatrogenic perspective on dissociative identity disorder?

-Disorder created by the therapist
-Distressed, suggestible individuals with poor sense of self can be made to believe they have multiple personalities
-Facilitated by hypnosis and other suggestive techniques to recover memories
-Multiple personality hype in the 1980s-90s


What is the diatheses etiology of dissociative disorders?

-Ability to psychologically remove oneself from traumatic situation
-High levels of imaginative involvement and fantasy proneness
-High hypnotizability
-History of childhood trauma


What is the stressor etiology of dissociative disorders?

-Sudden unexpected trauma at present time
-Strong emotional conflict


What is the main treatment of dissociative disorders?



What are the treatment methods of dissociative disorders?

-Antidepressants are helpful
-Create safe space and trusting rapport
-Teach stress management skills
-Facilitate talk about trauma/childhood while staying present
-Facilitate integration of split-off memories or sub-personalities
-Psychodynamic framework