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The number one priority when driving an emergency vehicle or any vehicle, for that matter is



As part of the quest to eliminate the mentality that greater speed is the fastest way to an incident, crews must be educated that the most efficient way to an incident is getting on the rig and getting out out the firehouse in a

Timely manner


Encountered to an emergency, the most dangerous place and the most likely place for an accident to occur is the



A series of codes was instituted so that the driver operator and the tiller man were able to communicate the essential information. The signal system was as follows

One sound: stop
Two sounds : go
Three sounds : reverse


The only signal that did not require an acknowledgement was the _____ signal sent from the tiller operator

One buzz stop


When the vehicle is going straight, the driver operator should position the vehicle so that it is _____ the lane divider on the drivers side



The tillermans responsibility is to keep the trailer _____ with the tractor when the tractor is going straight

In line


One technique used by many tiller operators to help control the path of travel as the apparatus backs up relies on the positioning of the hands on the steering wheel

With palm of the hands face up, the tiller operator holds the wheel @t the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions


Anytime the apparatus is backing up, the office and firefighters who are not driving or tillering should work as

Spotters and walk alongside the moving rig


Be aware that a tillered apparatus is limited to a total weight of _____, similar to an 18 wheeler truck

80,000 pounds


To utilize the aerial ladder, the truck must be parked in_____of the fire building



The tiller operator is responsible for the



The best time for new firefighters to gain street experience operating both ends of the tiller apparatuses during _____, which can be set up by the officer

Company drills


The ____ tests the driver operator and tiller operators ability to maneuver the apparatus backward from a non restricted area into a restricted area such as an alley, a dock, or the firehouse

Alley dock test


Tests the drivers operator and tiller operators ability to maneuver the apparatus around obstacles from left to right

Serpentine course


The ____ exercise-measures the driver operator and tiller operators ability to turn the apparatus around in a restricted area, such as a cul de sac, without striking any obstacles

Confined space turnaround


The exercise demonstrating _____ teachers the driver operator and tiller operator about depth perception and the handling characteristics of a tillered apparatus

Diminishing clearance


The ___ exercise demonstrates to the driver operator and tiller operator the braking characteristics of the apparatus

Straight line drive


The _____exercise is a test of the driver operator and tiller operators ability to quickly change lane positions a need that may arise due to changing traffic conditions

Offset alley lane change exercise


The _____ exercise allows the driver operator and tiller operator to demonstrate their ability to park the apparatus safely in limited space

Straight in parking


An effective aid that will allow a seasoned tiller operator to assist the new firefighter is a ____ attached just outside the tiller compartment



Building inspections offer another opportunity to familiarize yourself with good

Apparatus placement


Specifically, the tiller operator must typically press a button ____ in the tiller compartment before the driver operator can start the apparatus

Dead mans switch


The _____ should be considered the only opportunity for placement of the apparatus, because in most situations there will not be a chance to make any major adjustments

Initial placement effort


The ladder truck must be placed in front of the incident building if the crew is to have any opportunity to utilize the

Aerial device


Because the ladder must be rotated at a low angle of inclination to get below wires, the ideal distance that the apparatus should be placed away from the building is approximately

25 to 30 ft


As a general rule, the collapse zone should be 1 1/2 times the height of the building; therefore the apparatus should be positioned _________ high building if the strategy is defensive

45 ft away from a 30 ft building


Generally the first due truck company should _____ the building



For taller buildings, the apparatus must be placed ____ to the building to allow the ladder to achieve its maximum reach



Under ideal conditions no overhead obstructions and wide streets the apparatus should be placed approximately

30 ft away from the building