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The most fundamental task of a driver/operator is actually _____ the fire apparatus to and from emergency incidents



Before entering the cab and starting the apparatus, you must complete a preliminary inspection of the fire apparatus, also known as a

360 degree inspection


If the fire apparatus is responding from inside the fire station, the first step in a preliminary inspection is to

Open the fire apparatus bay door


The ________ is used to disconnect all electrical power to the fire apparatus to prevent discharge while it’s not in use

Battery selector switch


A _____ is a series of checks that an electrical system performs to ensure that all systems are functioning properly before the fire apparatus is started

System sequence check


The ______ delivers operational power to the chassis engage this switch

Ignition switch


The _____ engages the starter motor for cranking

Starter switch


If the engine does not start within 30 seconds release the starter switch and allow the starter motor to cool off for _____ before attempting to start it again

2 minutes


The ____ indicates the amount of fuel in the apparatus tank

Fuel gauge


No fire apparatus fuel tank should ever drop below the _____

Halfway level


These gauges identify the air pressure stored in the tanks or reservoirs of apparatus equipped with air braking system

Air pressure gauges


Requires that the fire apparatus have a quick build up capability so that if the apparatus has a completely discharged air system, it is able to move within ____ of start up

60 seconds


The fire apparatus is also required to have a warning alarm to indicate a low level of air pressure in the system. This alarm is activated when the pressure falls below _____ and remains active until adequate pressure has built up to release the parking brake

60 psi


For most fire apparatus equipped with air braking systems, a pressure between ______ is the normal operating pressure for an air braking system

100 and 120 psi


The ____ measures the voltage across the battery terminals of the apparatus and gives an indication of the electrical condition of the battery



The voltmeter allows for direct observation of the system voltage. If this kind of monitoring is provided, an alarm will sound if the system voltage drops below 11.8V for 12V nominal systems or 23.6V nominal systems for more than ____

120 seconds


This gauge identifies the pressure of the lubricating oil in the engine

Oil pressure gauge


Some fire apparatus are equipped with compartment door indicator lights. These lights are activated only if the fire apparatus compartment doors are open and the parking brake is in the off position. Other fire apparatus may have a digital display that shows any open compartment doors or other equipment that maybe damage if the vehicle moves

A 360 degree inspection is always required to ensure a safe operation; use these apparatus mounted systems as a secondary resource


Be aware that operating a cold engine and transmission under very hard conditions may have a damaging effect to the engine. Whenever possible, allow the engine to warm up for _____

3 to 5 minutes


The headlights should be _____ whenever the fire apparatus is moving, not just during the night

Turned on


Be aware that other fire apparatus at the station may be leaving at the same time or that the exhaust extractor system and electrical cord may not eject properly. For these reasons, you should not exceed ____ while pulling out of the fire station



A speedy response is achieved through a _____ means of operation-not by taking unnecessary risks

Safe and efficient


As part of the _______, a minimum of three marker cones are spaced 30 to 38 ft apart in line

Serpentine maneuver exercise


When responding to an incident, you may inadvertently pass a street on which you should of turned. When this situation occurs, the best course is to drive the fire apparatus _____ rather than try to turn the fire apparatus around in the confines of a roadway

Around the block


This exercise which is called a _____, measures your ability to turn the fire apparatus around in a confined space without going outside a set boundary

Confined space turnaround


However the most common obstruction on an emergency scene is

Parked cars


The _______ exercise measures your ability to maneuver the fire apparatus in a straight line and judge the distance of the fire apparatus to an object in front of it

Diminishing clearance


A _____ is a person who guides the driver/operator into the appropriate position while the apparatus is operating in a confined space or in reverse mode



Many fire apparatus have an interior _______ to notify you that a compartment door is open or not completely latched

Warning light or buzzer


This brake is required by NFPA 1901 to hold the fire apparatus on at least a 20 percent grade

Parking brake