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To determine the best placement and maneuver the tiller apparatus into the correct position, it is important to avoid any

Obstacles to operations


Engagement of your decision making skills for _____ begins before you are enroute to a fire

Apparatus placement


The jacks are used for side to side stabilization while using the aerial ladder and apply forces toward the torque box, increasing the overall

Footprint of the apparatus


The driver operator should position the dual axles on the spot from which he or she views the

Ladder extending


For smooth, continuous aerial ladder movement and final positioning, the retracted aerial should be raised from the cradle to an angle where the driver operator can rotate the ladder to a _____ facing the building

Perpendicular position


To assist in raising the and accurately placing the aerial ladder, the driver operator could select a section of the ladder such as the ___ and use it as a reference point

The tip


When the driver operator arrives at an incident where the aerial will be required, he or she should select the area where the aerial will be placed and then utilize the reference point when positioning the rig by _____ it to the area where the ladder must be finally placed



Once the aerial is extended over the roof, the driver operator slowly lowers the aerial so that the bottom of the ladder is ____ above the edge

3 to 6 inches


As a general rule, when raising the aerial ladder to the roof, the aerial should extend _____ over the edge of the roof

3 to 6 rungs


When the aerial is raised to rescue a victim from a window, the aerial ladder should be extended to the window so that the rung at the tip of the aerial is

Just below the window sill


When conducting firefighting operations, such as ventilation practices or firefighting from the ladder, the aerial should be raised and placed

Above the window and to the upwind side


When the aerial ladder is raised to the roof, it should extend _____ over the roof

3 to 6 rungs


The driver operator should lower the aerial ladder gradually and smoothly so that it is _____ above the roof line

3 to 6 inches


For windows and fire escapes, the rung at the tip of the ladder should be placed flush to the _____ of the fire escape

Window sill or top railing


Placement of the apparatus so that the rotated aerial ladder is _____ toward the building provides the driver operator with the opportunity to position the ladder as squarely as possible against the building



If the fire building is situated on a steep hill, place the apparatus in a position such that the aerial ladder, which should be pointing uphill will be rotated at an angle approximately ______ from the centerline of the vehicle

45 degrees


When the aerial ladder is used as a ladder pipe, it must support the weight of the water running up the ladder via a preconnected waterway or a hoselines lying on the aerial between the rails and secured to the rungs. The aerial ladder should be set to an incline of _____ at this angle, it will be in the most stable position to support the additional weight on the ladder

70 to 75 degrees


The total amount of weight includes all _______ the can be safely supported on the outer most rung of an aerial ladder or on the platform of an elevated platform with the waterway uncharged

Personnel and equipment


Laddering windows for rescue should be accomplished by placing the fly section of the ladder below the ______ which allows the rescuer to pull non ambulatory victims onto the ladder

Window sill


Controversy persistent about how best to enter in with the aerial ladder when victims are in need of rescue. Extending the aerial into the target space is the worst option, because the victims then need to jump to the ladder.______ into the target space, therefore, is the driver operators best option

Lowering the aerial into the target space, therefore is the drivers best option


Placement of apparatus, in regard to truck company operations, simply refers to ____

How and where an apparatus is placed at the scene