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The first thing that should happen whenever any drill or when another shift turns over any type of apparatus is to perform a

360 degree walk around inspection


The 360 degree walk around provides you with that initial

Size up


Most inspections should start at the _____ and continue with a quick cursory look at the apparatus

Drivers door


Hydraulic reservoirs have to be checked at least _____, according to your departments SOPs.



The reservoir contains an integral filter that cleans the oil of particles as small as

10 microns


Crossing railroad tracks shortens the ___, the _____, and the ______, that bump you heard during the last call might possibly have been an outrigger plate or a low hanging piece of apparatus under the truck hitting the track as the apparatus passed over it

Angle of approach, angle of departure, and break over angles


Are commonly used in apparatus that must operate in larger cities with narrow streets

Short set outriggers


The ____ are the largest and most powerful hydraulic system on the aerial apparatus

Lift cylinders


These double acting cylinders are used to raise and lower the aerial through the application of hydraulics. They also have ______ that will hold the cylinders in the position requested

Pilot operated check POC


The advantage of the ______ is that it allows the driver operator to configure the unit to fly below the 0 degree grade and still have enough power to lift the aerial back up

Double acting cylinder


The double acting cylinder also allows for smooth synchronous operations and enables the driver operator to _____ the controls and perform movements of the ladder without jerking and getting the units into a bind



Some aerial devices that have a long reach or heavy sections will utilize two rotation gears. According to engineers, this arrangement reduces ______ that is, side to side motion of the aerial turntable



Th minimum flow on an aerial device, per NFPA standards, is

1000 gpm


The _____ allows the ladder to turn while the waterway stays connected

Hydroelectric swivel


In the middle of the device is a water passage with ____ on both the top and bottom of the swivel

Victaulic connections


The _____ are the bottom part of the ladder that holds the rungs

Base rails


All of the sections bottom rails are called

Base rails


The ____ are the actual stepping surface that is used to climb the ladder



At a minimum, the rungs have an outer diameter of 1 1/4 inches around and should be capable of supporting ____ at the center of each rung

250 pounds


The rung has to be able to support _____

Two firefighters or a firefighter and a victim


Are stiffening members of the lower rung and base rail assembly

K braces


The ____ are the rails that fire fighters hold onto while climbing each section of the ladder

Hand rails


Controls located at the platform are the same as those found at the

Turntable control


All functions of the platform controls can be over ridden by the _____ from the lower control section

Turntable operator


A valve is also provided that taps into the waterway pipe in the platform. It protrudes through the protective cover installed under the platform and will spray up to ____ for cooling under the platform in case of impinging fire

75 gpms


The ____ has an obstructed view, and his job is steer the back of the trailer

Tiller man


An _____ foot switch is provided in the event of headset failure, through which the tiller operator can signal the driver with one buzz for stop and two buzzes for go

Electric buzzer foot switch


The tillerman also has a _____ switch on the floor that he or she must press so that the front driver operator can start the truck, thereby preventing the front driver operator from leaving the firehouse without a tiller operator

Safety or dead mans switch


A dash mounted gauge called the _____ informs the tillerman of the position of the rear wheels either centered, left, or right

Rudder control indicator


A tracking light is mounted on the back of the truck cab that is visible to the tiller cab; the tillerman uses this light as a ____ to keep the tiller straight

Centering guide