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It is the responsibility of the _____purchasing the fire apparatus to conduct ongoing training to ensure it’s personnel proficiency with regard to the safe and proper use of the fire apparatus and eight appointment



From a standing start, the apparatus must be able to attain a speed of ____ on a level road

35 mph within 25 seconds


The apparatus must be able to attain a minimum top speed of ____on the level Road.

50 mph


The apparatus must be able to maintain a speed of at least 20 mph on any grade up to and including

Six percent


The maximum top speed of a fire apparatus with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 26,000 pounds must not exceed either _____ or the manufactures maximum fire service speed rating for the tires installed on the apparatus which ever is lower

68 mph


The ______ is the bread-and-butter of the fire service. The most common type of fire apparatus, it is a part of almost every fire department.

Pumper fire apparatus


The______ is the piece of fire Apparatus that is critical for the initial extinguishment of the fire because it brings the initial water supply as well as tools to the fire scene



Per NFPA 1901, a pumper must be equipped with a permanently mounted pump with a minimum rating of _____gallons per minute and an onboard water tank holding a minimum of___ gallons

750 gpm
300 gallons


The ______is a smaller version of the pumper that is designed to be more maneuverable than the proper especially in off road terrain

Initial attack fire apparatus


In such circumstances, the __________ provides a scaled-down version of a pumper for responding to hard to reach areas

Initial attack fire apparatus


The initial attack fire apparatus is equipped with the fire pump as defined in NFPA 1901. the fire pump must have a minimum rated capacity of ____ gallons per minute. the apparatus water tank must have at a minimum, a certified capacity of ____.

250 gpm

200 gallons


These mobile water supply fire apparatus are commonly referred to as _____and can provide enough onboard water to extinguish most fires that are held to only one or two bedrooms of a home



When fires are larger and more water is needed, a _________ maybe used by these types of fire apparatus to establish a sustained water supply for fire attack.

Water shuttle operation


If the mobile water supply apparatus has a fire pump, then that fire pump must meet the criteria stated in ____

NFPA 1901 chpt 16


Aerial fire apparatus are defined in NFPA 1901 and maybe classified as on ——-

Aerial ladder , elevating platform or water tower


Aerial fire apparatus are designed for search and rescue, forcible entry, and ventilation all of which are ______

Support functions


A ___ has five functions associated with it: pump, water tank, fire hose storage, aerial, and ground ladders.



Hazardous materials apparatus or a heavy technical rescue apparatus would fall into this category

Special service fire apparatus


The _____ is a fire apparatus with a permanently mounted fire pump, foam proportioning system, and foam concentrate tank whose purpose is use in the control and extinguishment of flammable combustible liquid fires in storage tanks and other flammable spills

Mobile foam fire apparatus


It’s job is to deliver foam immediately at the scene without requiring firefighters to attach special containers or change nozzles. This task may be accomplished through use of a turret attached to the top of the mobile foam fire apparatus or an aerial device that extends to the reach of the fire; both can be operated from inside the cab of the fire apparatus.

Aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle


This type of fire apparatus is designed to carry a large capacity of water to the fire scene.

Mobile water supply apparatus