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A quality _______ ensures that the various fire apparatus in the fire departments fleet are kept in a ready condition by qualified and trained personnel, the vehicles are inspected on a regular basis by the members who use the fire apparatus, and all documentation is accurate and complete

Preventive maintenance program


Fire apparatus and equipment must be inspected at least weekly and within ____ after being used during an emergency response

24 hours


Is the most important and obvious reason for inspecting the fire apparatus regularly



The ______ is an evaluation of the fire apparatus and its equipment to ensure its safe operation

Fire apparatus inspection


Although most of the inspection can be performed by a single individual, thoroughly inspecting some of the features of the fire apparatus requires

Two crew members


The inspection process should begin with a review of the ______ that was completed after the previous inspection

Apparatus inspection form


Voltage levels may be checked by observing the ______ on the dashboard if the vehicle is so equipped

Voltage meter


Voltmeter registers the voltage of the

Battery systems


New apparatus manufactured after 2010 may have an additional tank of ______, which is 30 percent urea and 70 percent water

Diesel exhaust fluid DEF


This tank will have a blue cap and will range typically from 2 to 10 gallons depending on the type of vehicle

Diesel exhaust fluid DEF


Include the controls for items that are located inside the cab itself for example, the heater, air conditioner, defroster, map lights, dash lights, mobile data terminals, radio and other devices

Interior functional controls


Includes the controls for items that are located on side the cab for example, the emergency lights, headlights, directional lights, brake lights, side marker lights, spotlights, and tail lights.

Exterior functional controls


NFPA 1901 requires the parking brake to hold the apparatus on a _____

20 percent grade


The best way to check the parking brake is to place the apparatus on a _____ and apply the brake

20 percent grade


An audible alarm should signal before the pressure drops to less than _____ in the air tank with the lowest air pressure

60 psi


The parking brake should engage whenever brake pressure drops below ____ in the rear brake system

40 psi


The danger from the presence of moisture in the air supply is that in cold weather it may collect and freeze, thereby preventing the braking system from operating properly. Fire apparatus equipped with air brakes may be equipped with ________ to overcome this problem

Automatic moisture exhaustion valves


Systems will make a spitting noise when they are removing moisture from the system; this is normal and not a cause for alarm

Automatic moisture reduction systems


A _____ of the water supply tank should be conducted even if it has a water tank level gauge

Visual inspection


Before opening any valve and allowing water to drain, check the floor area under the fire apparatus for the presence of



The ____ is a large appliance that connects directly to the pumps intake and controls the amount of water that flows from a pressurized water source into the pump

Piston intake valve


The _____ is used to draw air out of the centrifugal pump for proper operations

Priming pump


The main component of the aerial device is the ______ that powers it

Hydraulic system


Not only is it critical that you perform the fire apparatus inspection in a safe manner, but you must also ensure that the fire apparatus is prepared for a

Safe response