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A ____ can be one of the most complex of these options because it requires at last two pumpers and sometimes multiple pumpers, to form a relay

Relay pumping operation


To establish any type of relay, you must have a minimum of

Two fire pumpers, hoselines, and personnel


One fire pumper is located at a water source; it is called the

Source pumper


The other fire pumper is positioned at the fire scene; it is called the

Attack pumper


Any other fire pumpers that are between these two fire apparatus and are positioned to maintain flow pressure in the relay are called

Relay pumpers


The _____ is the most important pumper in the relay because it is located at a water source and supplies the water to the entire incident

Source pumper


The source pumper should consist of the _______ fire pump of the units assigned to the relay operation, thereby ensuring that it can provide the maximum amount of water

Largest fire pump


Is usually the first unit on the scene of an incident, and it’s operation will dictate how much water will be needed based on how many gpms the fire attack requires

Attack pumper


If the _____ is being positioned in an area that has limited access, it is generally recommended that a supply line be laid down from an open area to a limited access point

Attack pumper


Ultimately the _____ serves as the workhorse at the incident; it provides water to all of the hoselines that are attacking the fire

Attack pumper


Are the fire apparatus that are placed in the middle of the relay pumping operation

Relay pumpers .


Is the primary path of travel for the water to get from one pumper to another in a relay operation

Fire hose


In addition, no matter which size hose you are using to supply water from the source pumper, each pumper in the relay operation and the attack pumper be equipped with an

Intake relief valve


An ____ will prevent the incoming water supply from reaching an excessively high pressure, which might damage the pump and possibly interrupt the relay operation

Intake relief valve


The length of a relay pumping operation is primarily determined by the distance between the _______

Water source and the incident


Generally, _____ represents the best option for relay pumping operations



a ____ is a supply hoseline that is brought to the scene by a fire pumper from the water source

Forward lay


Hose can also be laid backward from the attack pumper to a water source or to another fire pumper in the relay line; both are examples of

Reverse lay


One fire pumper may lay hose into the scene while another fire pumper lays hose out from the first engines couplings to the water source this approach is called a

Split lay


Although a good rule of thumb is that no relay operation should extend for more than _______, it can be longer as long as you keep adding pumpers

800 ft


When two fire pumpers use different threads on their couplings for hose, _____ allow for both pumpers to connect to the same hose



When the sizes of different hose lines differ _____ are needed to connect the mismatched lines



An ____ is any other component that you can flow water through



One type of relay pumping operation is called a

Calculated flow relay


This type of relay is the most common as it uses actual ____ to determine the quantity of water required

Flow calculations


The relay pumping operation starts at the source pumper and is where the _______ fire pump should be located



The ______ is generally the first pumping apparatus to arrive on the scene of the fire

Attack pumper


A ____ is considered ready when the supply hose to the pumper and the discharge hose to the next pumper are connected

Relay pumper


As the driver operator of a relay pumper, you must monitor the incoming residual pressure from either the source pumper or another relay pumper; your goal is to maintain

20 psi of residual pressure


Many fire departments that regularly use relay pumping operations because of issues related to limited water supply will use a ___in long hose lays

Relay valve