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The response of the heart to ACUTE hemodynamic and adrenergic stimuli

Altered P/V relationships
Altered inotropy
Altered chronotropy


______ Myosin heavy chains (MHC) isoforms are found in the heart and fx

α and β

*The heterodimers (αα, αβ and ββ) have distinct ATPase activity


Decrease in ATPase and increase ββ MHC

Pathologic Hypertrophy


Increase in ATPase and in αα MHC

Physiologic hypertrophy (exercise/prego)


LVH : Cellular mechanisms

Likely increase in Ca current via L-type Ca channel

Reduced SR pump fxn
(↑ PLB/SERCA2 ratio)

Impaired myofilament relaxation

Altered (increased) cytosolic ca/new steady-state