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after the wedding

the revelation that Jørgen is terminally ill reveals a dark twist- even darker than the one the film had already be heading- the fact that so many children are at steak the whole play makes it a film about questionable morals and putting lives and the desires of others before ones self



references to Norwegian society - the folklore tale of Trolls is included- in addition- the idea that christians can be smelt my trolls
the tale of the large Mountain troll is true as well
Finally- the way that one of the students conceals their christianity shows the extent to which many norwegians hide their religion yet are actually members of the state church


Ingemar Bergman - the seventh seal

readily appreciated by film critics throughout it helped Bergman get the recognition which saw him go on to become the pioneer of swedish cinema
He lived a profound chrisitian childhood
Treats issues like the silence of God- dark and dry satire


The girl with the Dragon tattoo

Dark and sinister- the film is shot with a Red digital camera chosen especially to evoke the tone of the book and one the reflected the dark portrayal of Sweden described in the book
It has been described as brutal yet captivating and offers an insight into the wealth of Sweden and capturing how Swedish people act within the city


Adams Apples

a dark-danish comedy- similar to the choice between good and evil- it mocks the idea of death


Inside scoop

The content life and welfare system that scandinavians live with means that other countries feel like they can get the inside scoop by watching the problems that scnadinavians face just like other cultures portray



reinvented cinema online- hugely successful- follows the life of a young girl, eva, trying to make friends in a new school
It follows the the group of girls in the lead up to the 'bus' whilst witty and light it also tracks issues such as love and loyalty


Roben Östlund

the development of the film saw ostlund use elements of his life to construct certain scenes- it also is clearly a denunciation of the modern art world and the


Monye provided to Roben Östlund for his film the square

the swedish film institute granted the project 11million swedish krona to help fund the project


themes that appeal to an international audience

religion and the treatment of women


Bechdel test

film encourages the inclusion of women in cinema - many hollywood films don't pass this test including the entire lord of the rings trilogy and avatar



a film containing several sex scenes was originally banned in several countries around the world- Ingmar Bergman was an original advocate of this style of filmography- depended on intimacy from his female actresses that, today, would be frowned upon.



has been described as the mount everest of cinematographic analysis- anything that may seem to be conclusive evidence is easily contradicted in the film with another line of argument- hence why it is still today discussed as being enigmatic- to say the least.
It contains erotic and sexual references and highlights the groundbreaking nature if Ingmar Bergman