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Name of the winter wat puppet government controlled by the SU



Finland involvement in the war

June 1941 when the germans in invaded the Soviet Union again


Finnish fighting for

Karelia following bombings in 1941- they wre wounded heavily but managed to secure the strategic landmark.


number of losses on either side of the russo-finnish conflict

1 million for the Russians
130, 000 for the Finns


During the winter war

there was no other real fighting


Finland aid

volunteers went to help fight for Finland from Sweden and Finnish children were sent to Sweden


Continuation war

was as much of a war as the winter war and the Finns were merely trying to recapture lost territory lost in the Peace of Moscow


Finnish view on war

they see themselves as having fought for their fatherland rather than against anyone- they didn't intend to expand, rather conserve what they already had.


one reason for increased unity by the time of the winter war?

they had strived to increase economic and military prowess during the inter war period


Universal conscription

had created a military tradition in Finland- the Finns were aware of their obligations to their country


Finnish radio

concluded every day with a programme called the national which resumed all which had taken place on the front line



a great role played by these- Finns well aware of their significance and - awards such as the Mannerheim cross were on the conscience of all Finnish military staff


Hero grave yards

the importance of these was not underestimated- it consecrated the effort made by each individual who sacrificed a life and also it brought the country together in collective unity.


Lit de parade

people gathered there in 1951 when mannerheim died


Battle of Stalingrad

the Finns aided the Germans in the attempt to win over the city- this was the biggest war of world war 2.


Why did the Finns turn to Nazi Germany`?

since they could not depend on the British or the Swedish.


Name of the operation under which Germnay and Finland cooperated

Operation Barbarossa - it involved the German troops positioning themselves in Lapland


Roosevelt said

he asked the Fins to disassociate themselves from the Germans- this was following the declaration of war by the British on the fins in December 2016


Paris peace treaty declared

that Finland was indeed an ally with the germans


What did the Finns swear to the Germans?

The Finnish president made a personal guarantee that he would not negotiate nor cooperate with the Soviet Union as long as he was President