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Mental Disorder

A set of behavioural or psychological symptoms that are not in keeping with social norms and are severe enough to cause significant personal distress or impairment to social occupational or personal functioning


Anxiety Disorder

Excessive fear and or anxiety

Avoidance behaviours

Sympathetic activation in the absence of threat


Specific anxiety disorders

- very specific fear
- treatment = behavioural therapy (exposure therapy), systematic desensitization, flooding

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
- excessive anxiety without specific cause
- treatment = biomedical anxiolytics, benzodiazepines, Xanax

Social Anxiety Disorder
- anxiety around social situations
- treatment = talk therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (and medications)

Panic Disorders
- includes panic attacks


Depressive disorders

sad, empty and or irritable mood
Not related to normal grief

Specific diagnoses
- depressed or irritable mood
- fatigue/loss of energy
- feelings of worthlessness or guilt
- impaired concentration, indecisiveness
- insomnia or hypersomnia
- loss of interest or pleasure in almost all activities
- restlessness or feeling slowed down
- recurring thoughts of death or suicide
- significant weight gain or loss


What is the monoamine hypothesis of depression

Predicts that the underlying pathophysiologic basis of depression is a depletion in the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine and of dopamine in the central nervous system


What is bipolar disorder

Bridge between psychotic and depressive disorders
Involve episodes and oscillations

Specific diagnoses
- bipolar 1
- bipolar 2
- Cyclothymic disorder


What are schizophrenia spectrum and psychotic disorders

Delusions hallucinations
Disorganized speech and thoughts
May involve negative symptoms
Involve a general detachment from objective reality

Specific diagnoses
- delusional disorder
- brief psychotic disorder
- schizophrenia
- schizoaffective disorder


What are trauma and stressor related disorders

Exposure to traumatic or stressful event
Exhibit any of a wide range of symptoms

Specific diagnoses
- post-traumatic stress disorder
- acute stress disorder
- adjustment disorders


Personality disorders

Enduring often lifetime patterns of inflexible behaviours across a range of settings and relationships
Diagnosis begins in adolescence or early adulthood
HIGH comorbidity

Specific diagnoses
- cluster A = odd/eccentric, paranoid schizoid and schozotyoal personality disorders

- cluster B = dramatic/erratic, antisocial borederline, histrionic, narcissistic

- Cluster C = anxious/fearful, avoidant dependent and obsessive-compulsive


Obsessive compulsive disorder

Obsessions (thoughts or urges) and or compulsions (repetitive behaviours)

Specific diagnoses
- obsessive compulsive disorder
- body dysmorphic disorder
- hoarding disorder
- trichotillomania (hair pulling)


Somatic symptom disorders

Excessive and or medically unexplainable symptoms
Commonly encountered in primary care

Specific diagnoses
- somatic symptom disorder
- illness anxiety disorder
- conversion disorder
- factitious disorder


Dissociative disorders

Disruptions and or discontinuities in core identity
Abnormal integration of consciousness identity emotion etc

Specific diagnoses
- dissociated identity disorder
- dissociative amnesia
- depersonalizations/derealization