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Which quote shows how the inspector has interrupted Mr Birling's shitty speech?

( we hear the sharp ring of a front door bell)


Which quote reinforces the analytical nature of the inspector?

(Disconcerted habit of looking hard)


Which quote threatens future war?

'Taught it in fire and blood and anguish.'


Which quote shows how Mr Birling has abused his duty to the public?

' Public men have duties as well as privileges.'


Which quote shows Mrs Birling driving Eric into trouble?

' all the more reason why he shouldn't escape.'


Which quote shows the inspector using Mrs Birling's words against her?

' I'm waiting... To do my duty.'


Which quote shows how Eric abused Eva Smith, mistreating her ?

Inspector - ' Just used her... As if she was an animal.'


How is the Inspector's impatience towards Mr Birling shown?

He speaks (rather savagely)


Which quote shows how we are all responsible in society ?

' hopes and fears, their suffering, and chance of happiness, all intertwined with our lives.'