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What is Eric's response to Mrs Birling?

He is (almost at breaking point)
He yells, ' you killed them both - damn you, damn you.'


Mrs Birling is...

(Very distressed now)


How does the inspector act imposing?

He is (taking charge, masterfully).


What repetition is used?

'remember what you did.' 'Never forget it.'
Enforces his control.


How is structure used in the inspector's finishing speech?

He says 'all intertwined with our lives,' (hopes, fears - creates rhythm).


What does the inspector warn?

' fire and blood and anguish.' - a reference to a war breaking out.
He also warns ' now she'll make you pay a heavier price still.' Foreshadowing the next visit.


What quotes suggest the Inspector is a ghoul?

They are left (subdued and wondering).
He says that Eric 'just used her,' for a 'stupid drunken evening.'
He speaks to Mr Birling (rather savagely)