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How does Gerald create drama through structure ?

He leaves in time to build up tension for a plot twist when he returns.
' I'd like to be alone for a little while.'
'We've been had.'


How does Gerald's responsibility create drama?

He was responsible for Sheila but he broke this responsibility.
' except for all of last summer when you never came near me.'
He also distanced himself from his actions for fear of getting in trouble, ' I don't come into this suicide business.'


How does Gerald's attitude change ?

At first he feels guilty for what he has done. ' I'm more - upset - than I appear to be.'
Later when the threat of getting into legal trouble goes, he is no longer guilty.
' everything's alright now.'
' there's no more real evidence.'


What is Gerald's role?

He engages with Sheila.
Has the same approach to business as Mr Birling.
Conducts himself agreeably and politely.
Talks of how he rescued Daisy from Alderman Meggarty.
Discovers a police officer has never heard of inspector Goole.
Telephones infirmary to discover no girl has died.


What does Gerald say when Mr Birling speaks of 'steadily increasing prosperity.'

' I believe you're right,sir.' Creates irony.


Mr Birling and Gerald have a good, relaxed relationship...

(they both laugh)


How does Gerald justify Mr Birling's treatment of Eva?

' You couldn't have done anything else.'


What does Gerald say to suggest the Birling's are otherwise?

' you seem to be a nice well-behaved family.'


What does Gerald say when the inspector arrives about Eric?

' Unless Eric's been up to something.'


How does Gerald remain enthusiastic when questioned by Sheila?

He (tries to smile).


What does Sheila say to suggest deceit?

' except for all of last summer, when you never came near me.'


' she's had a ...., exciting and ... Day.'

Long, tiring.


How does Gerald look when he conspires of a hoax?

( looks round triumphantly at them)


What does Gerald say to Sheila by the end?

' Everything is alright now.'