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Sheila and Eric are more influenced by the inspector. They are seen as...

- Hope for equality
- 'More impressionable.'


How were the older characters responsible ?

Mr Birling - his responsibility was to make money whatever the cost. He dismissed Eva.
Mrs Birling - responsible to help as the chairwoman of Brumley Women's Charity Organisation. She only helped those who deserved it.


How was Sheila responsible?

She was responsible as a valued shopper at Milwards.


How were Gerald and Eric responsible?

Gerald - responsible as he helped Daisy escape the Palace Theatre Bar - took advantage of her.
Eric - he was not at first but learned his responsibility later. He also took advantage of Daisy.


Edna could be considered...

One of the 'millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths.'
She does not talk much to represent how she has been dismissed. She often worked long hours and had to 'wait up'
To make tea.


How does Mr Birling see love?

A way to jump up the social ladder - this could be what he did with Sybil Birling as she is a 'higher' class.


Eric feels as though his parents have...

Not given him enough parental love. 'You're not the sort of person a lad turns to when he's in trouble.'


Daisy saw Eric as...

Immature. He said, ' she treated me - as if I were a kid.'


Sheila learned in the play about Gerald...

That the Gerald she loved was not the Gerald she knew, and that trust in romance is important.


Mrs Birling justified Gerald not being there enough by saying...

'Men with important work to do spend nearly all their time and energy on their business.'


What are similarities between Eric and Gerald's treatment of Daisy?

They both kept it a secret. (S- were you seeing her?)
They didn't want to admit they knew her, ( G - 'Where did you get the idea?')
They both felt miserable about it.
Both took advantage of her, ' soft dark brown hair and big dark eyes.'
The Birlings were disgusted by both affairs.
'Disgusting affair.' 'Oh-Eric-how could you?'
They both met her at the Theatre Palace Bar.


What are the differences between Eric and Gerald and their experiences with Daisy ?

Gerald felt less responsibility, ' I don't come into this suicide business.'
Gerald cared more about her at first. ' I asked her questions.'
' I was in that state when a chap turns nasty.'
Gerald offered her a place to stay at the Morgan Terrace.
Sheila was grateful Gerald was honest.
Eric stole money and Daisy refused it. 'You stole money?'
Mr Birling was more angry with Eric, ' you damned fool!'
Eric felt more moved, ' you killed them both!'


How does the inspector enforce equality ?

He threatens 'fire and blood and anguish,' if things don't change.