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What is the cliffhanger?

' a police officer is on his way here- to ask some- questions.'


What are the three unities?

Action- there is one main plot.
Time - short period of time.
Place - the place takes place in the dining room.


Is the play a morality play?

Mr and Mrs Birling represent stubbornness.
' No police inquiry - no scandal.'
' in the morning they'll be as amused as we are.'
Eric and Sheila represent hope for future equality.
' we drove that girl to commit suicide.'
' You lot may be letting yourselves off nicely, but I'm not.'


How is structure used in An Inspector Calls?

' chain of events,' are linked through 'one person and one line of enquiry at a time.'
The way characters enter and exit contributes to this - this allows them to be present for when tension builds up, like when Eric left and this suggested that his part in the story was coming up, and Gerald's exit, allowing to explore the inspector's identity later.


Describe Eva Smith's journey using dates.

Sept 1910 - dismissed from Mr Birling
December - Works at Milwards
January 1911 - dismissed.
March 1911 - meets Gerald.
September 1911 - her affair with Gerald ends.
Sept - Nov 1911 - she goes to the seaside 'to remember longer.'
Nov 1911 - meets Eric.
Spring 1912 - meets Mrs Birling.
Spring 1912 - commits suicide.


How is form used?

A strong main plot in which events are linked by cause and effect and use of strong revelation.
There is a backstory to the characters.
The story is not traditional in that the story is left on a cliffhanger.


What is structure ?

The way that a play is organised.


What is form?

It's dramatic style. Ie - a main plot and backstory, the conflict resolving or not concluding.