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Which quotes describe the luxuries of the family?

' Port, a cigar box, and cigarettes.'
' Good, solid furniture.'


How is tension created through the setting. Which quotes are used?

The lighting is 'pink and intimate,' getting 'brighter and harder,' when the inspector arrives.


What quote describes Eva Smith's circumstances?

Almost penniless, desperate.


How does Mrs Birling show oblivion?

' In the morning they'll be as amused as we are.'


What quotes show how Eric and Sheila have changed?

S - between us we drove that girl to suicide.
E (unhappily) My God - I'm not likely to forget.'


What quotes are used to build up the full circle plot twist about Eric ?

I - you might have to turn out again.
I - I'm waiting... To do my duty.
E - You haven't made it any easier for me have you mother?


How does the play conclude with the call from the infirmary?

' A police inspector is on his way here.'
( They stare guilty and dumbfounded)