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key to his fall

Duke of Norfolk had Catherine Howard to get the kings ear. Convinced the king that Cromwell was planning religious changes without the King's permission



the extension of royal power across the Kingdom by controlling by use of land, rather than nobility- implemented by Cromwell


Libertises and Franchises

special privileges which allows people to control part of the legal system- the North


Cromwell's changes to Privy council

19 men were specially chosen for running it, rather than the previous 100

still factional rivalries


Cromwell's changes to Parliament

introduced statute law- increased control

became a nation state

forced the king to work with Parliament more


Cromwell's changes to finance

established new financial departments like the Court of Augmentations

became a more efficient way to make decisions about expenditure


Cromwell's changes to local government

he expanded the systems like the court of Union in Wales

extended the king's power and influence in England


Cromwell's changes to church

introduced: 1534 Act of Supremacy and Treason Act

secured control over the behaviour of the population and secured obedience


Elton argues that:

enhanced role and importance of government

extended royal authority in local areas


faction and his fall

Duke of Norfolk (conservative) became closer to the king, due to Catherine-had a personal vendetta against Cromwell. He'd dissolved the monastery that Norfolk had specifically protected.


Religion and his fall

Cromwell had links with reformers like Robert Barnes-accused of imposing protestantism onto England


FP and his fall

sought a protestant alliance to counteract the threat of catholic Francis

He urged Henry to form an alliance with the German Lutheran princes- Henry refused to convert to Lutheran faith- this failure gave Cromwell's enemies a great deal of ammunition against him