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What region of France is affected by the Mistral?
a) Loire Valley
b) Rhone
c) Languedoc-Roussillon
d) Bordeaux

b) Rhone


What white grape is not found in northern Rhone?
a) Melon
b) Viognier
c) Marsanne
d) Roussane

a) Melon


What is the top grape in Languedoc-Roussillon?
a) Syrah
b) Grenache
c) Merlot
d) Chardonnay

a) Syrah


Which country is the largest producer of wine?
a) France
b) Argentina
c) Italy
d) Spain

c) Italy


What are galets?
a) large rounded stones that cover the ground of the Loire Valley
b) large rounded stones that cover the ground in southern Rhone
c) suspended particles in wine that are filtered out before bottling
d) traditional bottles for sparkling wine

b) large rounded stones that cover the ground in southern Rhone


What is the name of the mountain chain that runs the length of the peninsula in Italy?
a) The Alps
b) The Pyranees
c) The Appenines
d) The Great Dividing Range

c) The Appenines


What is the top grape variety in Italy?
a) Sangiovese
b) Trebbiano
c) Montepulciano
d) Nebbiolo

a) Sangiovese


Which country relies heavily on their indigenous grape varieties?
a) Australia
b) New Zealand
c) South Africa
d) Italy

d) Italy


What is Italy's most ubiquitous white grape variety?
a) Pinot Grigio
b) Chardonnay
c) Trebbiano
d) Garganega

c) Trebbiano


Most Super-Tuscan wines are found at what level?
b) DOC
c) IGT
d) Vino de Tavola

c) IGT


What does the term "colline" refer to?
a) hills
b) town
c) estate vineyard
d) local council

a) hills


Which region in Italy produces the most wine overall?
a) Piedmont
b) Tuscany
c) Lombardy
d) Veneto

d) Veneto (almost 19% of the country's total - as well as the largest quantity of DOC/DOCG level wine and more than a third of the wine at the IGT level)


Which famous sparkling wine comes from the Veneto region?
a) Prosecco
b) Moscato d'Asti
c) Franciacorta
d) Brachetto d'Aqui

a) Prosecco


Which process involves reusing the sediment or lees and combining it with young wine in order to go through a second fermentation?
a) appasimento
b) recioto
c) amarone
d) ripasso

d) Ripasso


Superiore on a Valpolicella label means what?
a) The wine has been aged at least one year and that its minimum alcohol requirement is a bit higher (12% instead of 11%)
b) The wine has been aged at least three years and the minimum alcohol requirement is at least 14%
c) The wine comes from the heart of the original, historic growing district
d) The wine comes solely from the "free run" juice

a) The wine has been aged at least one year and that its minimum alcohol requirement is at bit higher (12% instead of 11%)


What does "chiaretto" refer to?
a) Rose
b) Sparkling
c) A dry appassimiento wine
d) A sweet appassimiento wine

a) Rose


Which wine is likely to have the highest alcohol content?
a) Recioto della Valpolicella
b) Amarone della Valpolicella
c) Moscato d'Asti
d) Soave

b) Amarone della Valpolicella


What represents the highest production in the Veneto region?
a) Valpolicella
b) Prosecco
c) Chianti
d) Soave

d) Soave


Which region in Italy has the highest proportion of DOC/G level wine?
a) Veneto
b) Piedmont
c) Tuscany
d) Emilia-Romagna

b) Piedmont


Which sea does Piedmont boarder?
a) Tyrrhenian Sea
b) Adriatic Sea
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Baltic Sea

a) Tyrrhenian Sea


What is the most widely planted grape in the region of Piedmont?
a) Sangiovese
b) Nebbiolo
c) Barbera
d) Arneis

c) Barbera


What grape is not one of the leading white varieties in Piedmont?
a) Moscato
b) Arneis
c) Cortese
d) Pinot Grigio

d) Pinot Grigio


In order for Barolo to be considered a "riserva," what must it do?
a) It must be aged for at least 3 years
b) It must be aged for at least 5 years
c) It must come from the heart of the Barolo region
d) Riserva is not a legally defined term

b) It must be aged for at least 5 years


What is the highest volume appellation in Piedmont?
a) Gattinara
b) Barolo
c) Asti
d) Acqui

c) Asti (DOCG)


What % of Moscato is required for a Moscato d'Asti?
a) 75%
b) 85%
c) 95%
d) 100%

d) 100%


In what DOCG is Nebbiolo known as Spanna?
a) Gattinara
b) Ghemme
c) Roero
d) Both a and b

d) Both a and b


What fermentation method is used for Brachetto d'Acqui?
a) Partial
b) Tank
c) Traditional
d) Ancestral

) Patrial


Which region is famous for Chianti?
a) Lombardy
b) Piedmont
c) Veneto
d) Tuscany

d) Tuscany


What % of Sangiovese must be in a Chianti for it to be a Chianti Classico?
a) 75%
b) 80%
c) 95%
d) 100%

b) 80%


Which of the following is not a traditional white grape of Tuscany?
a) Trebbiano
b) Grenache Blanc
c) Malvasia
d) Vernaccia

b) Grenache Blanc


What is the one Italian region that is more intently focused on red wines than Tuscany?
a) Veneto
b) Piedmont
c) Calabria
d) Campania

c) Calabria


Which ancient winemaking technique has been revived in Chianti?
a) Appassimento
b) Ripasso
c) Governo
d) Metodo Classico

c) Governo (adding crushed grapes that have been allowed to become overripe on the vine to new wine as it finishes fermentation. this extends fermentation and introduces a different set of phenolics to the wine, producing a richer, softer, wine with a higher alcohol.)


What must a Chianti must do in order to qualify as a "riserva"?
a) It must be aged for at least 2 years
b) It must be aged for at least 2 years and have .5% increase in alcohol
c) It must be aged for 2 years and have 1% increase in alcohol
d) The term is not legally defined

b) It must be aged for at least 2 years and have .5% increase in alcohol


Which is not a synonym for Sangiovese?
a) Brunello
b) Morellino
c) Montepulciano
d) Prugnolo Gentile

c) Montepulciano


Which DOCG is located closest to Florence?
a) Chianti
b) Brunello di Montalcino
c) Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
d) Vernaccia di San Gimignano

a) Chianti


What is the farthest south?
a) Molise
b) Tuscany
c) Emilia-Romagna
d) Piedmont

a) Molise


Bardolino Superiore and Bardolino make wines similar to what?
a) Valpolicella
b) Soave Superiore and Soave
c) Gattinara
d) Ghemme

a) Valpolicella (same blends of Corvina, Rodinella, and Molinara)


What is Chiavennasca a synonym for?
a) Tempranillo
b) Grenache
c) Barbera
d) Nebbiolo

d) Nebbiolo (known as Chiavennasca in Lombardy; in Valtellina which is one of the very few places that can make a successful Nebbiolo outside of Piedmont)


What is not a synonym for rose?
a) Cerasuolo
b) Weissherbst
c) Rosato
d) Claret

d) Claret


Which region produces a higher proportion of white wines than any other Italian region?
a) Latium
b) Marches
c) Abruzzo
d) Apulia

a) Latium


Which is not a characteristic grape of Sardinia?
a) Cannonau
b) Grenache
c) Verdicchio
d) Vermentino

c) Verdicchio (Cannonau is the Sardinian term for Grenache)


Which grape is grown only in Apulia?
a) Negroamaro
b) Galioppo
c) Primitivo
d) Montepulciano

a) Negroamaro (The other grapes also grow in Apulia, primitivo = zinfandel)


Which region is not found in the Catalanas region of Spain?
a) Costers del Segre
b) Priorato
c) Terra Alta
d) Alicante

d) Alicante


What is the climate in Spain like?
a) Maritime
b) Mediterranean
c) Continental
d) All of the above

d) Most of Spain is continental despite being nearly surrounded by water, the Galicia region is Maritime and the southwest and Mediterranean coastal areas are classic Mediterranean.


What is the most southern region of Spain?
a) La Mancha
b) Galicia
c) Catalanas
d) Andalusia

d) Andulusia


What is Viura also known as?
a) Macabeo
b) Malvasia
c) Garnacha
d) Tempranillo

a) Macabeo


Which river separates Rioja from Navarra?
a) Tajo River
b) Duoro River
c) Duero River
d) Ebro River

d) Ebro River


What is a synonym for Monastrell?
a) Muscat
b) Muscadelle
c) Mourvedre
d) Macabeo

c) Mourvedre


Which of the following locations does not help form the Sherry Triangle?
a) Jerez de la Frontera
b) Valdepenas
c) San Lucar de Barrameda
d) Puerto de Santa Maria

b) Valdepenas


Traditional red Rioja's are aged for extended periods of time (almost exclusively) in which time of barrels?
a) American Oak
b) French Oak
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

a) American oak (though this is changing as more producers are introducing French oak)


What is not a synonym for Muscat of Alexandria?
a) Moscatel
b) Hanepoot
c) Gordo Bianco
d) Muscadet

d) Muscadet (also known as Melon de Bourgogne)


Somontano is located in the foothills of which mountain range?
a) The Southern Alps
b) The Pyranees
c) The Great Dividing Range
d) The Vosges

b) The Pyranees


What is physically the largest region in Spain?
a) Ribera del Duero
b) Penedes
c) La Mancha
d) Valdepenas

c) La Mancha


Which regions are located along the Mediterranean coast of Spain?
a) Alicante
b) Ribeiro
c) Valencia
d) Jumilla

b) Ribeiro


Which appellation in Portugal is largest in area and the second largest in quantity?
a) Dao DOC
b) Ribatejo DOC
c) Vinho Verde DOC
d) Duoro DOC

c) Vinho Verde DOC (second largest in quantity after Port)


What is the top wine producing region in Portugal?
a) Douro
b) Lisboa
c) Peninsula de Setubal
d) Beiras

a) Douro