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Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics analyse data to help describe, show or summarise it in a meaningful way.


Measures of central tendency

The measures of central tendency show the central values for a data set which are averages and show ways to calculate the typical value for a set if data.
These are the mean, which is a representative of all data so it is the most sensitive measure of central tendency it is vulnerable to extreme outliers
The median is not affected by extreme scores but it is not a sensitive as the mean and won’t represent all the findings
The mode is unaffected by extreme acids but doesn’t tell us anything about any other scores in the data set


Measures of dispersion

A set of data can be described in terms if his spread out it is

The range is one method of this which is easy and quick to calculate but it can be easily distorted by extreme values
Another is the standard deviation it is difficult to calculate but takes into account all of the scores



Percentages are easy to calculate and show how much certain factors affect the results and makes it easy to compare things