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Quantitative data and qualitative data

Quantitative data involves numbers that can be measured objectively and is quantifiable
Examples are closed questions, the dependent variable, the amount of times something occurs.

Qualitative data involves words and the data is based on the subjective interpretation of language. It is only quantifiable is put into categories and is counted by frequency
Examples are , open questions, descriptions of what happened etc
It is hard to analyse because it relies on interpretation which can be biased or subjective, it is also every hard to summarise.


Primary and secondary data

Primary data- data collected directly by the researchers for the investigation
Secondary data- data that was collected for another purpose often by someone else such as another researcher or the government. It is hard to know how reliable secondary data is.


Meta analysis

This is when results are combined from multiple different studies on a particular topic to proved an overall view. Results can be more generalised and generally more accurate but it is prone to publication bias and the researcher may Keane out studies with negative born in significant results