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Tables in research papers don’t have raw scores but have been converted into descriptive statistics with a paragraph bellow the table explaining the data



It is a graphical display that shows the correlation between two variables by plotting dots that represent a pair of scores. It indicates the strength and direction of the correlation


Bar chart

Used to show frequency data for discrete (separate) variables. A slave is left between each bar to show lack of continuity. The frequency of each category is in the y axis



When the data set has a frequency that makes a bell shaped curve it has a normal distribution which has the mean, medium and mode all inside the mid list if the curve which has the majority of the data. The ends of the curve never touch the x axis

Not all distributions are simetrical , a positive skew is when the data is concentrated on the left . In this case the mode is at the highest point still but the median comes next while the mean is dragged to the right, the opposite occurs for a negative skew