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The economy

The consumption and production of goods , flows and supplies of money and the abundance of services and sectors.


How psych impacted the economy

Impact on healthcare
Impact on laws and policies
Impact on government finances
Impact on employment and productivity


Social influence and the economy

Social influence helps us to understand how behaviours can be changed which can help people engage in healthier behaviours reducing the strain on the NHS


Memory and the economy

The cognitive interview improved the quality and amount of information from eye witnesses thus reduces the amount spent and wrong convictions and saves police time


Attachment and the economy

Attachment research has found that both parents can revise emotional support for the child unlike what was previously assumed by Bowlby allowing more women to work and having fathers stayed at home. This allows households to maximise their income


Mental health and the economy

Absence of work has cost the economy £15B a year and a third of these absences where caused by mental issues, better mental health means more productive and healthier people so mental research can help the economy immensely, however many mental treatments are expensive and put the already strained NHS under even more strain.