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What are the 4 types of variables.

IV-independent variable, the one the researcher manipulates.

DV- the dependent variable which is the one being measured.

EV- extraneous variables which are variable other then the IV that could affect the DV.

CV- confounding variables are variables other then the IV that have affected the DV.


What are the different types of experiments?

Laboratory experiments- they are carried out in a controlled environment eliminating EV and fully controlling the IV. Participants are often randomly allocated a condition removing bias, this allows for changes in the DV to be measured when caused by the IV.

Field experiment- carried out in the real world where the IV id manipulated and the effect on the DV is measured.

Natural experiments- you take advantage of naturally occurring IV and see its affect on DV.

Quasi experiments are when a naturally occurring IV which is the differences between people such as age and see the effect on DV often used in situations when manipulating the IV is unethical.


type of experiments evaluation, lab

Lab experiments-
+)easier to control EV and stop them from becoming CV
+) Cause and effect for IV to DV is easy to establish.
+) they can usually be replicated easily so they can be checked for reliability.

-)Demand characteristics may occur
-)Situation lacks mundane realism and ecological validity


type of experiments evaluation, field

+) More mundane realism and ecological validity.
+)You can still establish cause and effect between IV and DV.
+)less demand characteristics.

-)less control over EV and so the research may be less valid.
-) less control over who is taking part is the experiment (the sample)
-)They may be difficult to replicate.


type of experiments evaluation, natural

+) High levels of mundane realism and ecological validity
+)very useful when it is unethical to manipulate IV or the sample

-)Less control over EV, difficult to replicate.
-) difficult to determine cause and effect.