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What is the typical presentation of equine Cushings (PPID?)

Retained winter coat, weight loss, lame, PUPD


What diagnositic tests can be used to diagnose PPID?

TRH stimulation test or basal ACTH test.


What does PPID stand for and why is it referred to as this in horses? What is the condition in dogs/cats?

Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction becasue it is a pituitary based condition due to loss of DA inhibition from hypothalamic neurons.
In cats/dogs = Hyperadrenocorticism due to adrenal pathology


What resiratory condition is common in older yorkies? How may this be diagnosed? Treatment?

Tracheal collapse due to degeneration of the tracheal cartilages (bronchomalasia)
Possibly diagnosed by radiographs BUT dynamic process so may require fluoroscopy
Treatment = minimising coughing rather than fixing problem
Obesity often contributing factor


What pattern will be seen on radiographs with CHF?

Intersistial/alveolar pattern


How is the bronchial pattern on a radiograph described? When would this be seen?
What diagnostics may be carried out following this?

Tramlines and donuts


What is a sinus arrhythmia? Is it normal?

Normal variation in heart rate with breathing pattern leading to regularly irregular beating and differences in P waves


Define collapse

Unintentional prostration due to pathological mechanisms


How may an arryhtmia be detected wrt pulse? What pathological state may be noted when examining pulse and when does this occour?

Pulse not synchronous with heart beat
Pulsus paradoxicalis occours when heart beats can be heard in the thorax but not felt as a radial etc. pulse. This is due to a sever decrease in blood pressure during inspiration, much greater than that which is normally experienced. This is seen in cardiac tamponade


What are the 5 possible causes of shock?

Vasomotor failure (eg. anaphylaxis, sepsis)
Metabolic (eg. O2, glucose)
Cardiac Failure
Obstructive disease (eg. pericardial effusion, volvulus


Will PCV show aneamia due to heamorrage?

No, remining blood can still have the same PCV