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What is the "social contract" definition of a profession?

The profession will be granted the priveledges of
-self regulation
-monopoly (ie. only qualified vets can practice vet med)
-specialist knowledge
> on the expectation that the profession will be altruistic, empathetic, honest and integral
- majority of the time this is true, some difficult situations


What are the RCVS 5 principles of practice?

- professional competence
- honesty and integrity
- independence and impartiality (lack of bias)
- client confidentiality and trust
- professional accountabiltiy


What should be consulted for difficult decisions on professionalism?

RCVS code of conduct


What are the advantages of being a self-regulated profession?

-In the event of complaint, we will be judged by our peers not a court of law
-The code of conduct and any interpretation/amendment of the veterinary surgeons act is written by vets


Why are guidance notes in the 5 principles of practice "broad and vague"?

Allows autonomy and taking each case as an individual without contravening the code of conduct


Has altruism and empathy been shown to change in certain situations?

Yes medical students - declines throughout their studies


What is the professionalism star?

Contains many attributes intrisic to professionalism eg. anial welfare, self, compassion, honesty, communication etc


How has the idea of autonomy changed over time?

In the past, medical prefessionals were PATERNALISTIC ie. completely autonomous
Nowadays, shared decision making and patient centred care means guiding and advising, dependent on client, government and institutional policies -> more collaborative in decision making


Professional autonomy now means..

We can act in the way we think best, providing we remain within the LAW (Vet surgeons act) and code set by the PREFESSIONAL REGULATOR (RCVS code of conduct)
- incorporating client and patient autonomy into decision making


Does asking a colleague advice on a case count as breach of confidentiality?



Does complaining to a colleague that a client was difficult count as breach of confidentiality?

Yes.. but just dont get caught!


Is posting a photo of a lesion or sugery site on the internet count as breach of confidentiality?



Does posting details of a patient on the internet count as breach of confidentiality?



Does publishing a case in vet literature count as breach of confidentiality?

No, providing permission has been asked


Does sending client details to an insurance company count as breach of confidentiality?

No (permission by default)


Does reporting a suspected illegally imported puppy count as breach of confidentiality?