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Well established genetics, complete genome, long history, short life cycle, polytene chromosomes, mutant analysis


Polytene Chromosome

Salivary glands of drosophila make DNA copies without mitosis - instead of one strand you get 1000 identical copies together; can see banding patterns and chromosomal puffs


C. elegans

nematode, established genetics, complete genome, life cycle 3 days, hemaphrodite, complete fate map (made with laser or stains tests), mutant analysis


Xenopus laevis

Vertebrate, external eggs, many large eggs, clear shell, gene expression system (can insert proteins etc)


Gallus domesticus

Amniote, external development, can make windows in egg; chimera studies: add some cells from different species and trace their development


Mus musculus

Mammal, short lifespan; genome sequenced, very similar to humans; lots of transgenics and knockouts


Danio rerio (zebrafish)

embryological development 3 days; transparent embryos (easy to see and label); mutant analysis, molecular techniques (transgenenic, antisense, RNAi)