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Animal bites in veterinarians

59% (AAHA) of workman’s comp claims made by veterinarians and veterinary staff are for bite wounds
30% of AVMA PLIT claims are for cat bites


animal bites in general public

Dogs bite nearly 2% of the U.S. population
80%-90% of animal bite wounds treated in the ER are from dogs; ~10% are due to cats


Profile of the bitten

60% are children,


Characteristics of dog bites

Usually wounds are minor; rarely fatal
Puncture wounds
Superficial abrasions
Infections in 3-18%



Fear and emotional damage from a dog bite can last a lifetime


True/False: any dog can bite



profile of a biter

Bites from large dogs are usually more severe and more likely to cause medical visits / reporting
Unneutered male dogs = 70-76% of reported dog bites


True/False: breeds can be identified as prone to bite

False: AVMA fatal dog bite study found breed could not be reliably identified in > 80% of cases


True/False: most bites are preventable

True: Most preventable, related to lack of supervision, owner factors, and unrelated to dog breed


why do breed bans not work

Heredity isn’t the only cause of biting behavior
No reliable denominator for # of dogs of each breed
No correction of data for repeat biters
Unreliable reporting of breed by owners / reports
Changing popularity of breeds over time


True/ False: Breed bans may cause a false sense of security

True: any breed CAN bite!


Prevention: for Dog Owners

Consult with a professional to learn about suitable breeds of dogs for your household
Spay/neuter virtually all dogs
Properly socialize and train any dog entering the household


cat bites

Less well studied than dog bites – only 5-10% of animal bites in the population at large
The majority of cat bites are inflicted by “known” cats


characteristics of a cat bite

~80% on the upper extremities (hands & arms)
Sharp slender teeth = deep puncture wounds
INFECTIONS!!!! up to 80% become infected


injury risk factors in veterinarians

Injury is more likely in new vets