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What is a drug

A substance which, when taken, affects the body or mind


What are prescription drugs

Drugs legally obtained with a doctor's consent


What is drug abuse

Using drugs in a way that harms the user


What are social drugs

These are legal drugs such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine etc. which are still addictive but age controlled


What are illegal drugs

Drugs that are against the law to possess, sell or use e.g. heroine, cannabis, cocaine, LSD etc.


Why do people take drugs

Addiction e.g. heroine
Enjoyment (the buzz)
Peer pressure (mixing with people who take and deal)
Copying role models e.g. pop stars/actors etc.
Think it helps improve poor self-esteem
Coping mechanism (e.g. crisis in life )
Drugs which are natural (Rastafarians use this logic when justifying smoking cannabis)


What can illegal drugs do to people

Negative effects on health e.g. strain put on the heart/ smoking links with cancer/psychological effects (some studies link cannabis use to schizophrenia)
Effects on motivation/inter-personal relationships and ability to function at work
Affect the ability to drive
Lead to crime if addict cannot function at work and therefore afford them
Dominate family life and probably hurt family members, which could lead to disownment e.g. after theft


Religious attitudes to illegal drugs

Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism forbid use of illegal drugs
Christians teach against their use because of the harm to individual, family and society
Jews state their use breaking the law, encourages a lack of self - control and causes harm (although Jews and Christians believe in compassion i.e. help should be given to addicts)


Why do people agree that those who take illegal drugs should be punished

All religions insist believers obey the law
With punishment comes chance of rehabilitation which is line with religious beliefs
Punishment could provide supervision and a structure to help users
Many users harm others whilst under the influence of drugs or in acquiring money to buy them and this should lead to punishment


Why do people disagree that those who take illegal drugs should be punished

God can punish them
Addiction can be seen as an illness which can be cured rather than punished
Religious people should help those in need e.g. 'love thy neighbour' and this is more important than punishment


What do Buddhists believe about drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco

Potential harm to the user and others, potentially creating bad karma - 'I will not take drugs that confuse the mind' (Fifth Precept)


What do Hindus believe about drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco

Allowed as users do not become too dependent- 'He must not get wilfully addicted to any substance of self-gratification; he must try to overcome such dependence through will power' (Laws of Manu)


What do Muslims believe about drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco

Alcohol is forbidden (haram) as it makes the mind unfit to focus on Allah and the duties involved in being a Muslim - 'Make not your own hands contribute to your destruction' (Qur'an 2:195)


What do Jews and Christians believe about drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco

Drinking alcohol is allowed in moderation (as it is used in the Eucharist)


Why do religious believers disagree with drink driving

It is illegal and religions expect the law to be followed
Religion prohibits killing or harming (fatal accidents)
Sanctity of life
'Love thy neighbour'
Alcohol is haram and the mother of all vices (Islam)


Why do religious believers believe they should only use medically prescribed drugs

All religions permit it
Intention of taking them is to do good and not harm
Ideas for sanctity and quality of life
God inspired scientists to invent medically prescribed drugs
Most come from natural sources


Why don't some religious believers believe they should only use medically prescribed drugs

Some concern about testing on animals and are therefore safer
Should rely on God for healing
Taking medically prescribed drugs is unnatural and may be against God's wishes


Religious beliefs and teachings about the mind and body

Use of illegal drugs are prohibited because of the concern on the detrimental effect they have on the mind and body
Mainstream religions believe that illegal drugs create false illusions and make meditation and prayer difficult
Drugs cause self harm of body and mind and that is against teachings of each religion.


Which drugs are permitted by some religions

A few Hindu Sadhus and Nihang Sikhs who both take bhang - derived from hemp
The Ethiopian Coptic Christian Church which permits cannabis
Rastafarians also allow cannabis because it is a herb given to us by God


What are solvents

Aerosols, glue & gas lighter fluid which can cause hallucinations


What is caffeine

A mild legal stimulant found in coffee and chocolate


What are soft drugs

Physically non addictive drugs. They are still illegal but seen as less harmful and more readily available.


What are hard drugs

Illegal addictive drugs. The body can become reliant upon these drugs - physical dependence. It is very hard to get off these drugs and the withdrawal symptoms are severe


What are the reasons for drug classification

Different drugs have different effects on people - some drugs kill
Some drugs are more dangerous than others
It helps decide the severity of the punishment


What is drug classification

3 legal categories by which illegal drugs are classified in British law according to how harmful & addictive they are


What are the 3 main laws that deal with drug abuse

Misuse of drugs Act, 1971
Drug Trafficking Offences Act, 1986
Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Act, 1985


What is the Misuse of drugs Act, 1971

This act classified illegal drugs according to how dangerous they are. Class A are the most dangerous, the B, and C are the less dangerous


What is the Drug Trafficking Offences Act, 1986

This allowed drug traffickers to be imprisoned and their property confiscated


What is the Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Act, 1985

This Act made it illegal to sell anyone under the age of 18 a substance he or she believes is being purchased for the purpose of inhaling to cause intoxication.


What are some Class A drugs

Cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine


What are some Class B drugs

Cannabis, amphetamines


What are some Class C drugs

Anabolic steroids


Why do we have drug laws

To deter people
So people know how dangerous they are
So people know how addictive it is


What is rehabilitation

Process by which addicts are helped to defeat their addiction to drugs


What is the Darren case study

He began using cannabis as a gateway drug
Moved onto cocaine at 21
Shoplifted to fund habit
Rehabilitated in prison
Wasn't easy but hasn't relapsed


What can be done to solve the problem of drugs

Better education about drugs
Increased punishment for drug dealers
More funding into rehabilitation centres for addicts
More investments in socially deprived areas to reduce the no. of young people taking drugs
Better law enforcement


What do Sikhs believe about helping addicts

It is part of their duties because they perform sewa (selfless service)


What do Buddhists believe about helping addicts

It is the right action (eightfold path)


What do Hindus believe about helping addicts

It is their dharma (duty) to help people build good karma


What do Christians believe about helping addicts

They should help them - Mark 2:17 - ' It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick '


What do Muslims believe about helping addicts

They should help those who have succumbed to the temptations of drugs


What do Jews believe about helping addicts

Counselling for addicts should be encouraged


What are arguments supporting tobacco and alcohol

Jesus drank wine throughout his whole life and even at his death. Just before he died Jesus was given a wine soaked sponge to quench his thirst (John 19)
At the wedding feast in Cana Jesus turned water into wine (John 2:1-11), therefore he approved of alcohol
Timothy 5:23 says 'Stop drinking only water and use a little wine because of your stomach ..'. St Paul wouldn't make such suggestions if alcohol is wrong


What are arguments against the use of alcohol and tobacco

The Bible teaches that the consumption of alcohol can lead to impaired judgement and violence and is therefore wrong. Proverbs 20:1 says 'Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is lead astray by them is not wise'
St Paul taught your body is a temple and is therefore abused by smoking and drinking
Drunkenness is frowned upon in the Bible as it can lead to sin e.g. Noah's drunkenness lead to shame on his family and Lot's lead to incest with his daughters.


Facts about cannabis

1000 people a year develop long term psychotic illness due to cannabis
500 people a week need medical treatment due to it


Reasons for the legalisation of cannabis

Other legal drugs do more harm
Some say cannabis is not that harmful
Alcohol and tobacco are just as damaging, if not more so
It is part of Rastafarians spiritual beliefs


Reasons against the legalisation of cannabis

It is a gateway drug
Can cause mental ill health
Many different forms with varying strengths
Many are not arrested for possession of cannabis