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Definition of Ageism

Prejudice & discrimination against the elderly


Definition of a Care home

A home for elderly people who are ill and need specialist treatment


Definition of death

Usually decided when the brain stops functioning


Definition of Euthanasia

From the Greek meaning 'a good/easy death'. It is mainly seen as a release for those suffering with an incurable and/or degenerative disease, or for those who are in a permanent vegetative state (PVS)


Definition of Extended family

The whole family including grandparents, cousins etc.


Definition of Generation gap

A difference between the views of different generations


Definition of Heaven

A state of being with God after death


Definition of Hell

A state of being without God (or being with the devil)


Definition of Hippocratic oath

An oath used to swear, promising to preserve life


Definition of Hospice

A special place for people with terminal illnesses, where they are given palliative care rather than medical treatment, & helped to die with dignity


Definition of Life-support machine

A machine which prevents someone dying, by supporting their breathing. Without it they would die


Definition of mourning

A period of time when someone is grieving


Definition of palliative care

Dealing with pain, without treating the cause of the illness. Associated with illnesses


Definition of purgatory

A time after death for being prepared for heaven


Definition of Reincarnation

Being born again in another form (rebirth)


Definition of Residential Home

A large building with individual rooms for elderly residents. Meals are provided and there is a communal room with a chance to socialise


Definition of Sheltered Housing

A complex of small flats for elderly residents, with a warden on site & an emergency cord


Definition of Suicide

When someone kills him or herself


Definition of Voluntary Euthanasia

When someone asks a doctor or friend to help them to die peacefully & with dignity. They are usually terminally ill


Problems faced by the elderly

Rely only on pension & benefits
Feel undervalued & discarded if forced to retire
More prone to certain illnesses
Less mobile
May feel like a burden on families


Buddhist beliefs about the elderly

Should be respected because of wisdom & experience
Children have responsibility for care
Looking after parents (and grandparents) provides an opportunity to gain good karma
'Right action' (eightfold path)
Caring for the elderly should focus on metta (loving kindness) and karuna (compassion)


Christian beliefs about the elderly

Should support elderly
Churches provide facilities for them
Jesus said, 'love one another as I've loved you'


Hindu beliefs about the elderly

It is part of the 5 daily duties (Pitri Yajna) to serve & care for parents
Promotes good karma
'As your will is your deed'


Muslim beliefs about the elderly

Whole family duty to care for the elderly
Sending elderly parents to a home is seen as disrespectful
Teaches that you should 'rub the nose of those who do not respect their parents in the dirt' (Hadith)


Jewish beliefs about the elderly

The fifth commandment - 'show respect to the elderly' (Leviticus 19:32)
Encourage the extended family but the Jewish community will provide specialist homes


Sikh beliefs about the elderly

They have a duty to look after parents
Obligation - selfless service (sewa)
Sikh community offers day care to the elderly in the Gurdwara


Reasons for euthanasia

You can mourn people you love without seeing them suffer
A person's body is their own so they should be able to choose what to do (God given free will)
If you are unhappy there is no point to life - value of life diminishes
To assist someone to die is an act of love not violence


Reasons against Euthanasia

Friends and family may be upset
It breaks the Hippocratic Oath
Life is a gift. No matter how bad the pain is we must hold on
We can't play God
In some cases there may be a chance of recovery. A cure may be discovered


What are the 4 types of Euthanasia



What is active euthanasia

Killing someone to end their suffering, committing suicide or assisting someone to commit suicide. This may be by lethal injections or overdoses. This is illegal in Britain but legal in other countries like Holland