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Definition of general revelation

When God becomes known in common human experiences. This type of revelation is indirect and can happen to anybody


Definition of special revelation

When God is believed to have spoken directly to an individual or group of people. It is not a general everyday experience


General revelation through nature

Many people believe they can get an idea of what God is like through looking at his creation, (artists). Believers see the creation as the work of God. It shows his power and ability


General revelation through people

Believers see humans as Gods greatest creation. Humans share some of Gods qualities. We learn things about God by looking at positive actions. These qualities must come from their creator. Some people such as Ghandi gave up their lives to help others


General revelation through sacred texts

All religions have some form of a sacred text. The messages from sacred texts have to be taken seriously as it reflects the message from God. They are often based on the experiences of religious leaders. They are revealed by God. They show believers how God wants them to behave.


Special revelation through visions

Seeing something, especially in a dream or trance that say something about the nature of God or the afterlife. The vision lets the receiver become aware of reality in a new way. Visions can be shared by a few people sometimes. There are many examples in the bible e.g. Saul/Paul.


Special revelation through dreams

A series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. These dreams leave a deep impression on the person and give them insight into reality and into God. These dreams are memorable and give people a new direction in life. They can give God a role in their lives


Special revelation through prayer and worship

Communicating with God through words of praise, Thanksgiving or confession, or requests for help or guidance. Opening up your mind and heart to God. This allows God to reveal himself to one praying, as you are accepting the reality of God.


Why is worship a revelation

Believers become aware of the presence of God and become open to receiving guidance from God whist getting greater insight into the nature of God, e.g. Pentecostals


What is an Illusion

A false idea or belief often based on a wrong impression


Definition of reality

Things as they truly are


Why do atheists believe revelation is an illusion

False experience of God -drugs and alcohol
Desperate wishful thinking
Physical or mental illness
Mind tricks


Why do religious believers believe revelation is reality

Effects on the individual and groups - experiences & conversions
Millions follow religion - martyrs willing to die
Common beliefs found - matches scientific observations


Revelation does not prove Gods existence

Special revelation occurs to individuals and are difficult to prove
Not possible to prove using observations or scientific testing
General revelations are available to everyone and are interpreted differently


Revelations prove Gods existence

Revelations correspond with things in the real world e.g. Healing water in Lourdes
Revelations are similar to ones that have happened in the past
Causes people to change their beliefs and become religious - atheists to theists / Muslim to Christian


Definition of Revelation

God shows himself to believers, this is the only way anybody could really know anything about God


Power of revelation

The power of Revelation is to reveal Gods nature to the religious believer or, in the case of Buddhism to bring enlightenment. The power of revelation can include:
Providing proof of gods existence
Helping to start off the religion
Helping people to know what they must do to live as God wishes


The impact of Revelation

The main impact of revelation is that it is life changing.
It can make someone change their way of life
Commitment to a religion may influence the way in which people worship, as they seek to become closer to God or achieve greater understanding


Revelation of Guru Nanak

Had a vision of God during his 3 day disappearance in the river. When he came out, he began teaching about God and everyone being equal


What is revealed to Christians

That there are 3 aspects to God (Trinity). This is revealed through the Bible


What is revealed to Hindus

Brahma through the Vedas. Hindus also worship Brahman through many different gods & goddesses


How is God revealed to Jews

Through the Tenath


What is revealed to Muslims

The direct word of Allah in the Qur'an that is unchanged


What is revealed to Sikhs

The teachings of the Gurus in the Guru Granth Sahib


Definition of Impersonal nature of God

The idea that God has no human characteristics, is unknowable and mysterious, like an idea or force


Definition of Personal nature of God

The idea that God is an individual or person with whom people are able to have a relationship or feel close to


Definition of Immanence

The idea that God is present and involved in with life on earth and in the universe (a quality of God)


Definition of Transcendence

The idea that God is beyond and outside life on earth and in the universe (a quality of God)