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How can someone achieve immortality through a legacy

Being remembered through something you have done, or achieved. Such as the great work of art, music on literature, or charitable work


Problems with immortality through a legacy

Once the legacy is gone, you are no longer remembered


What is immortality

The idea that even though a person is physically dead, they continue to live on in some way


How can someone achieve immortality through memory

Surviving through the memories of friends and family


Problems with immortality through memory

Once these people die, you are no longer remembered


How can someone achieve immortality through resurrection

Person is raised from the dead either bodily or spiritually. Christians believe that God resurrects your body and soul, and you go to heaven or hell


Problems with immortality through resurrection

Physical body decays after death, so what form does the resurrected body take?
If all we have is our body (no soul), how can we be resurrected? There is no evidence of a soul
Can you still be the same person without a body


How a believer would respond to immortality through resurrection

The soul is made of different substances to the body, therefore we can't see or detect it
Memories provide identity, so if it still has the memories of the life lived, it's still the same person


How can somebody achieve immortality through reincarnations

A person's soul is transferred to a new body after death. The soul improves itself every lifetime, until it achieves perfection. It is a Hindus belief.


How can somebody achieve immortality through rebirth

Ever changing character moves from the rebirth to rebirth. It is not a soul. Each life is linked through the law of karma, but it is not the same person.
It is a Buddhist belief


Problems with immortality through reincarnation and rebirth

People don't survive death; if you're living a new life in a new body with different memories, how can you be the same person?
Being reborn isn't the point: the point is to stop the cycle
Can memories of past life be classed as proof? Even if you're not supposed to be able to remember anything


How a believer would respond to immortality through reincarnation and rebirth

Hindus would say that immortal soul continues, and that is what matters
Buddhists believe there is continuity so life has not ended
There is past life regression therapy


Arguments against immortality

Lack of proof


Why does science disprove immortality

We're a product of evolution; we pass on our DNA. Ideas about the soul are just there because we can't accept there is no purpose in life
We have invented technology that allows us to freeze bodies and resuscitate them if a cure is found. If we had a soul, this wouldn't be possible


Why does lack of proof disprove immortality

There is no scientific proof that it exists
Scriptural accounts differ
Teachings about immortality just make us feel better about dying


Why does atheism disproves immortality

We have no purpose in life, therefore no need for life after death
Humanists say that we should improve the quality of people's life on earth, rather than worrying about what happens after death


Evidence of immortality in Christian Scriptures

John 11:25–26 "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live,even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die
St. Paul thought that Christians will be raised with a new spiritual body after death


Problems with the evidence of scriptures

Descriptions of different religions do not agree with each other
Often lack detail, which leads to interpretation, which could be wrong
Come from a time when there was little knowledge of medical science


Evidence of immortality in ghosts

Genuine manifestations of dead people, rather than hallucinations, because often more than one person experiences them


Problems with the evidence of ghosts

They could be hallucinations
It's going to be a trick of the light, a breath of wind or poor eyesight
It could be a hoax


Evidence of immortality in chanelling

Communicating with the living and those who have died and are in the spirit world
Medium claim to be able to contact the dead and pass on messages from the departed
Many have passed on messages that contain accurate information, which was previously unknown to the medium


Problems with the evidence of channelling

Some mediums are proven frauds
Others appear genuine, but could be using cold reading to read body language and throw out statements until something sticks
Why do spirits only communicate with mediums?
Why does every spirit not communicate with the living?


Evidence of immortality in near death experiences

Some patients who are dead but have been resuscitated describe similar experiences
They are so similar, remembered in detail and are often life changing


Problems with the evidence of near death experiences

Result of oxygen starvation that causes hallucinations
This similarity could be explained because that is how the brain automatically reaction oxygen starvation
No scientific evidence to prove they are real; although studies are being done at present


Definition of dualism

We have two distinct parts: body and soul
Together in life but separate at death
Body decays but the mind/soul is immortal
This means life after death is possible
Said by Rene Descartes, "I think therefore I am"


Definition of materialism

The opposite of dualism
Our minds are inseparable from our bodies
Life after death isn't possible because the soul doesn't survive death
Life needs a functioning brain, a physical form and nervous system


Christian ideas about dualism

Christians disagree with dualism. They think that both body and soul will be resurrected and the soul is a separate substance but the spark that gives us life


Buddhist ideas about dualism

Buddhists don't believe in a soul at all, so they don't agree with dualism


Hindus ideas about dualism

Hindus would except dualism, as they believe the body and soul can continue apart after death


Christianity and dualism

Christianity believes that God created the whole person, and it is that person is raised after death, along with their soul