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Important anatomy of the egg

- chalazae holds yolk central (important w.r.t. Turning in incubation)
- air sac older the egg, larger the air sac


Classes of eggs

> class A
- small air cell
- very clean
- no abnormalities
>class B
- odd shape or size
- dirty
- broken out and pasteurised before use
> class C
- industrial, NON FOOD
- shampoos and soap


Can eggs be washed?

- no not in this country NO EGGS can be washed
- minimise risk of salmonella spread


What does the red Lion mean?

Flock always vax against salmonella


How are eggs pasteurised

- egg to be heated to 64.4* for 2.5mins
- destroys all pathogens without affecting any good qualities of the egg
- egg cooled to below 4* then packed


How does egg colour reflect welfare?

- brown eggs from brown hens pdf cannabilism
- White hens not (in US use these)
- in UK beak trimming needed


Food safety risks

- campylobacter broilers
- salmonella layers
> salmonella enteritidis, salmonella typhimurium
> rod g- bacterium (enterobacteriaceacae)
- transmitted by rodents and wild birds


Pathogenesis salmonella

- feacal oral
- can be via URT
- conjunctiva maybe
- colonisation of digestive tract and invades and multiplies in enterocytes and tonsillar lymphoid tissue
- attachment through fimbrial appendages (abx = fimbrial blockers)
- gut damage and diarrhoea


Are there salmonella control programmes?

2 national control programmes
- layer
- broiler


Outline salmonella control in broilers

- samples taken at chick placement
- samples taken within 3w birds being sent for (slaughter?? missing from lie)


Salmonella control in laying flocks

- test as day old
- test within 2 w of lay/before transfer to laying farm
- test q15w (first test within 22w)



> c. Jejuni
- campylobacter g- thermophilic, obligate microaerophilic bacterium
- ubiquitous in temperate environments
- likes birds d/t ^ core body temperature


Pathogenesis of campylobacter and interventions to v ?

- colonises mucus overlying epithelial GIT cells
- multiple intervention strategies
- each time a carcasse tx to remove or destroy campy (physcial/chemical not UK) numbers will be reduced


1* production interventions to reduce campy

- investigate biosecurity
- hygiene barriers, fly screens, water Tx
- review rapid on-farm campy test
- investigate motivational drivers of biosecurity compliance (£££)


Transport interventions

> Esp at thinning
- crate washing and drying
- novel crate and disinfection methods


Processing intervention

- lactic acid wash turkey and chicken
- new water spray
- sonar and steam
- rapid chilling


Retailer intervention

- leak proof packages
- consumer education
- investigate impact of modified atmosphere packing
- consumer attitude and behaviour
- on-pack best practice preparation and cooking etc.


Catering interventions

- undercooked liver pate and parfait
- best practice toolkit


What makes up an egg

- water, fat and protein