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What is the difference between genetic improvements and feeding/health changes impleemeneted on farm?

Genetic improvement cumulative over time, feedig and health changes not cumulative


How can the levle of genetic prgress of a herd of given size be predicted?

R = S x h^2
R = i x h^2 x SDp
R = response
s = selection diffferential
h^2 = heritability of the trait
i = selectino intensity
SDp = std deviation of the pphenotype (sqrt of variance)


Which aspect of genetic progress response equation can a breeder influence?

i (intensity of selecction pressure) by choosing proportion of gene pool picked to breed (ie top 10 vs top 100 animals)


How can R be converted to an annual response?

R = per generation [= time mbetween same point in life cycle of offspring to parent]
to calculate annual response deivide R by generation interval


how is amount of inbreeding calculateed?

delata F = 1/ (2*Ne*L)
delta F = annual ^ in inbreeding
Ne = 4*s*d (where s and d are no. new sires and dams in a year)
L = generation interval


Why is inbreeding bad?

- ^ risk autosomal recessive diseasse
- inbreeding depression (v fertility and hardiness, more important factor)