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Risk factors for contamination and spoilage and meat

- intrinsic factors of meat
- extrinsic processing


Steps in ham production

- pig
- harvesting
- raw material intake
- injected with brine, massaged
- potted
- cooked/smoked
- cool
- packed, labelled, stored


How is salmonella controlled on farm

- wearers and growers more than sows
- vague clinical signs (D+ dehydration septicaemia and CNS ARARE)
> feaces, blood, tissue to dx
- source of organism may be in food and water
- may not be encouraged to call vet as clinical signs not very obvis
- most farms are salmonella +
> ZAP (zoonosis action plan grading scheme)
- ZAP 1 vax available but not widely used
- EU legislation says we have to have a national control programme (hence monitoring ELISA test at abattoir and advice for farmers but minimal motivation for farmer)


Control of salmonella at harvesting levels

> pre harvest
- withhold food? Full GIT more likely to burst, ^ feed intake will v salmonella load
- legislation on max withholding food times
> harvest
- 2 knife method
- don't cut gut
- separate sero+ and - differently (sero+ at end of day)
- don't use plucks from sero+ , special clean
> post
- heat treat sero+ carcasses (swab carcasses first)
- plug anus during dehairing and scalding (rarely done)
- cross contamination after scalding minimised



> tenderising
- breaks down colagen
- pounding, enzymes, brining etc.
> tumbling and massaging
- injected with curing salt solution , tumbling more violent than massaging
- improves water holding capacity
- heating after sets the proteins
> curing
- salt or nitrate compounds (kills clostridium botulinum and improves colour)
- removes water and slows microbe growth
- salt >4% kills bacteria, rarely higher than 5 for taste


Smoking curing and cooking

- smoking bacteriostatic only outside of meat (not very effective)
- flavour
- drying meat
> cooling
- decrease microbe reproduction but don't kill bugs already present
- cooking
- kill enzymes and microbes
- best to get rid of salmonella
- D value salmonella (time taken to kill 90% organisms) 60* for 1min


Packaging and labelling

- modified atmospheric packaging
- 30% co2 70% n2 processed meats
- 70% o2 30% co2 fresh meats



- wash hands
- gammon is uncooked ham
- fridge


Why do we preserve meat

- delay spoilage, extend shelf life
- improve flavour
- promote safety