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What is the Trust vs. Mistrust Phase of Development?

(1st Stage)

Birth to 1.5 Years

Resolved: Trust in Self and Others through nurtured and love

Unresolved: Mistrust - if child is not nurtured or loved


What is Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt?

(2nd Stage)

1.5 to 3 years

Resolved: Develops motor and verbal skills to become independent and confident

Unresolved: Less confident or ashamed


What is Initiative vs Guilt?

(3rd Stage)

3 - 6 years

Resolved: Child becomes curious and Explores new spaces, attack and conquest

Unresolved: Child is not allowed to take initiative and feel guilty and fearful


What is Industry vs Inferiority?

(4th Stage)

7 - 11 years

Resolved: School performance is critical in assisting the child in mastery over tasks

Unresolved: Child will feel inferior to peers and incompetent


Identity vs Identity Diffusion (Role Confusion)

(5th Stage)

12 - 18 years

Resolved: Creates an entire identity

Unresolved: Will experience role confusion


Intimacy vs Isolation

(6th Stage)

19 - 35 years

Resolved: Build relationships with others: Sexually, socially, professionally

Unresolved: Failure to achieve intimacy in relationships, isolation, self-absorbed


Generativity vs Stagnation

(7th Stage)

30 - 50 years

Resolved: Capacity for Caring and Concern for the next generation

Unresolved: Self-indulgent and uncaring


Integrity vs Despair

(8th Stage)

50+ Years

Resolved: Accepts their life achievements

Unresolved: Experience despair, regret, and self-esteem


What are the 8 Stages of Erik Erickson's Bio Psychosocial Stages of Development?

1) Trust vs. Mistrust
2) Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt
3) Initiative vs Guilt
4) Industry vs Inferiority
5) Identity Diffusion (Role Confusion)
6) Intimacy vs Isolation
7) Generativity vs Stagnation
8) Integrity vs Despair