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What is the Autistic Phase?


Newborn to 1 month

*Infant focused on self*

-Incapable of investing in others/unresponsive to external stimuli


What is the Symbiotic Stage?


1-5 Months

Infant breaks out of autistic shell

infant feels unity with mother and begins to understand the mother as a separate being


What is the Differentiation Phase?

(Mahler, Stage 1)

6-9 Months

Attention shifts from inward focus to outward focus

Infant begins to separate from caregiver by crawling


What is the Practicing Phase?

(Mahler, Stage 2)

9-14 months

Infant crawls and walks freely, explores actively and becomes distant from mother


What is the Rapprochement Phase?

(Mahler, Stage 3)

14-24 months

Infant desires to be independent

Infant moves away from mother but returns regularly to make sure that she is still there


What is the Object Constancy Phase?

(Mahler, Stage 4)

24 Months and On

Infant has capacity to recall mother despite absence

Child sees mother as separate individual from themselves