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What is the Code of Ethics Primary Mission?

enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty


What do social workers promote?

Social Justice / Social Change


What are the 6 Core Values of SW?

social justice
dignity and worth of the person
importance of human relationships


When should a social worker respect client's self determination?

When client is mentally alert/stable. If client is unstable mentally, hallucinating and/or intoxicated, do not respect self-determination


What is informed consent?

What if they are a minor?

A written agreement which MUST BE SIGNED by the client to undergo treatment after confidentiality, potential risks, benefits and associated costs are disclosed to client

If client is a minor/unstable, legal guardian MUST provide written consent.


What is a conflict of interest?

Issues that interfere with the social worker's impartial judgement and discretion, even if it results in termination with a particular client

EX: DO NOT provide individual therapy to two or more people who have a relationship with each other; such as treating siblings individually. Provide referrals as needed.


What is bartering?

Exchange of goods/services for therapy services is not allowed UNLESS it's a common practice in the community


What should you do if your client speaks a different language?

FIRST obtain a professional translator.

SECOND use a professional colleague/mental health practitioner if a client DOES NOT speak the language of the social worker.


What should you do if a client wants access to their records?

FIRST, Explore.Discuss the reason for the record request of FOLLOW law/jurisdiction of state.


Are relationships between SW and client ethical?

Absolutely not relations with clients past or present is ethical.


When can/should a SW disclose confidential information?

What are some exceptions?

A SW should not disclose any confidential information relating to the client without their written consent, UNLESS required by law.

EX: Safety, Subpoena/court order and law suit (if a client sues you)


What is mandated reporting?

What types of abuse require reporting?

Social workers are required and responsible for reporting any instances of abuse or suspected abuse.

Abuse includes: Physical, sexual, emotional and neglect


When must a SW warn a threatened victim of any harm?

A SW must warn a threatened victim of any harm that his/her client may cause when there is a REAL INTENT (PLAN)


How does duty to warn apply to HIV Decisions?

What 3 steps must be made when speaking to your client?

SW do not have duty to warn partners of client's who are having unprotected sex

SW should do the following:

1) Urge client to disclose situation to their partner
2) Urge encourage client to use safe sex practices
3) Research/follow state laws as needed


When should a SW refer client to a colleague?

Refer to a colleague who possesses certain specialized knowledge or training in an area that would better assist the client.

However, the SW may accept the client but must become COMPETENT in that area


Can a SW consult with an expert or knowledgeable colleague regarding a client's situation?

SW can consult with an expert/colleague but must disclose the least amount of information


How should a SW document services in client's records?

SW should document services in client records while keeping client's best interest in mind.

SW should maintain records securely for a period of time consistent with state laws.

SW should monitor and evaluate policies and implementation of programs. ADVOCATE when necessary.