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What is the rule for family and couple exam questions?

Choose the correct "IDENTIFIED CLIENT"

It may be one member or more. Once you've chosen the identified client (ppl), your answer must match the identified client/s


What is the Identified Family Member?

Normally the one who is in crisis or is the center of the problem / AKA Hot Seat

For instance, if the "daughter" is the one with the problem, your answer should address the daughter, or if the entire family displays issues/problems, then your answer should address the family as a WHOLE unit


What is Structural Family Therapy?

What is Enmeshment?

Who is the theorist?

The goal is to promote restructuring the family system by establishing subsets/boundaries to avoid enmeshment

Enmeshment is defined as having no clear boundaries, overly dependent

Theorist - Munuchin


What is Triangulation?

When one family member communicates to another family member through a third family member


What is the goal of couples therapy?

Understand and resolve conflicts to improve the relationship

Same rules apply to couples


What is a Paradoxical Directive?

Instructing clients to continue their maladaptive behaviors with the goal of bringing about awareness and change

Ex: A method used in marital therapy: instruct the couple to continue bickering, to allow them to become aware of their behaviors and develop solutions