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What does the ONS say about B EM unemployment?

3x more likely to be unemployed than White


What did the Hills Report 2013 find?

Black EM men recieve 13-21% less - £1.80 less per hour than similarly qualified white men


What did the Joseph Rowntree Foundation find about Black professional men?

They earn on average 25% less than their White counterparts


What did the BBC SUrvey 2004 find?

Success rate for fictitious job applications was 13% for Blacks, 25% for white


What does Yi Cheung call the job market inequality?

Ethnic penalty (Af-Carib graduates 2x more likely to be unemployed)


What did Jenkins find about inequality in the workplace?

Stereotypical assumptions of Black EMs were held in the interview process - Ems seen as unsuitable for work


What did the Cabinet Office 2003 blame for job inequalities?

EM groups lacking social capital


Which % of Black pupils got 5A*-C?

48% Black compared to 58% white and 72% Indian


How much more likely are Black pupils to be excluded and expelled?

Excluded - 4 to 6 times more likely
Expelled - 3 times more likely


What did Gillborn find in schools?

Institutional racism - eg bullying not tackled, lack of EM representation in the staff, failure to understand EM culture leading to conflictsa


What did Coard find (education)?

The ethnocentric curriculum creates low EM self esteem


What did Tikly find (education)?

Curriculum's emphasis on negatives (eg the slave trade) rather than Black achievements causes pupil frustratin


What did the Wanless Report find?

Black pupils often placed in bottom sets due to their behaviour
When based on tests Blacks outperformed whites, when based on observations the reverse was true


What did Connolly find (education)?

Teachers held stereotypes of Black pupils as disruptivw


When social class is considered, how do Black EM compare to White?

Of children recieving FSM:
Whites - 20% get 5A*-C
Af-Carrib - 34%
Pakistani - 35%


Which group of pupils are the worst achievers?

White working class males in inner city areas


What did Fuller find (education)?

Black girls were able to resist negative teacher labelling and use positive peer support to achieve at school


How many racially motivated crimes were there in 2006 compared to in 2001?

2006 - 61,000 reported, increase of 28% from 2001


How much more likely are Blacks to be stopped and searched?

7 times


What were Blacks and Asians advised in 2006?

Not to join the police


Who found a canteen culture which was racist within the police?



Which % of the prison population was Black in 2006?

11% compared to 2% of general population


What did Lea and Young's Islington Crime Survey find about Black male victimisation?

young Black males had a significantly higher level of victimisation, furthermore this was underreported due tot their mistrust of the police


What did Chalal and Julienne identify?

That racism was seen as part of everyday life; support for victims was poor


What did Van Dijk find?

Black people are often portrayed in the media as criminal


What did Hall do?

Use a Marxist approach to the idea of moral panics - young Black males


What did Sewell find in the media in 2001?

Moral panics about rap music stereotype black youth as linked to gang culture and crime


What did Barker (2006) find - media?

The media plays down the problem of racism against EMs, often implying that problems lie within the groups themselves (eg black culture is blamed for black criminality without the consideration of wider and structural concerns they face)