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What are the 4 things to look for to evaluate the effectiveness of slimming products/ programmes?

1. Is the report a scientific study published in a reputable journal?

2. Was it written by a qualified person (independent to the people selling it)?

3. Was the sample of people asked/ tested large enough to give reliable results?

4. Have there been other studies done with similar results?


Why do claims that a celebrity has lost weight using a product not necessarily prove its effectiveness?

Effectiveness on one person doesn't mean much:

Only a large survey can tell you if a diet is more/ less effective than just eating less (unhealthy stuff) and exercising more


Diets and slimming products will only work if they make you do which 2 things?

1. Eat less fat or carbohydrate (so you take in less energy)

2. Do more exercise (so that you use more energy)


Explain why the claims of a low-fat chocolate bar can be true but confusing?

They might be low in fat, but won't help you lose weight as you could still be taking in too much energy