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What do you need to do to the claims about the effects of drugs?

Look at them critically


What are statins?


1. Prescribed drugs

2. Lower the risk of heart disease

3. Lower the risk of circulatory disease


What is there evidence that statins do?


1. Lower blood cholesterol

2. Significantly lower the risk of heart disease in diabetic patients


Why were the results of the studies into the effects of statins so reliable?



1. Original research done by gov. scientists with no connection to manufacturers 

2. Original research had a big sample size - 6 000 patients

3. A control group was used (in original study)

4. Other studies have since backed up these findings


For which drug is reliability not very clear cut?



What have scientists investigated about cannabis?

Whether the chemicals in cannabis cause mental health problems


What make the results of investigations into cannabis unreliable?


1. The results vary

2. They are open to interpretation


When will/ could we be sure if cannabis causes mental health problems?

When/ if more conclusive evidence is found


Wht do you need to know to know if a drug is safe/ will help you?

1. If it has been tested properly

2. On a large sample of people

3. By scientists with no connection to the manufacturers