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What were the 3 reasons Darwin's Theory of Evolution was very CONTROVERSIAL at the time?

1. Opposed common RELIGIOUS BELIEFS

2. 50 years until GENES and MUTATIONS were discovered - no explanation of how useful characteristics appeared and genes were passed on

3. LACK of other STUDIES and thus EVIDENCE


What did Lamarck (1744-1829) argue?

1. If a characteristic was USED A LOT by an organism then it would become more DEVELOPED in its lifetime,

2. and this ACQUIRED CHARACTERISTIC would be passed on to the NEXT GENERATION


Why might scientists develop different hypothesis to explain similar observations? (3)

1. Different BELIEFS (e.g. religious)

2. INFLUENCED by different PEOPLE

3. Just THINK differently


How do you find out whose hypothesis is right?

By finding evidence to SUPPORT or DISPROVE each one


Why was Lamarck's hypothesis rejected? Example?

Experiments didn't support it

e.g. If you amputate a hamster's leg the hamster's offspring won't also have an amputated leg because the new characteristic WON'T have been PASSED ON


Why was Darwin's hypothesis eventually accepted?

The discovery of GENETICS supported Darwin's idea because it provided an EXPLANATION of how organisms BORN with beneficial characteristics can PASS them on

(i.e. via their genes)


What is the name for an accepted hypothesis?

A theory