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How much vitamin C do we absorb?

70-90% absorbed at moderate intake (30 to 180mg/d)
Less than 50% absorbed at doses above 1 g/day


What were the major findings of the Cochrane Review?

-Severity of colds reduced
-No effect on the duration
-regular supplementation show that vitamin C reduces the duration


Is routine supplementation of Vitamin C recommended to reduce common cold?

No, it is not justified


How many water soluble vitamins of from the B Complex?

8 of the 9


Where are B complex vitamins widely distributed?

in our bodies


What are B complex vitamins important for?

normal appetite
healthy skin
Nervous system
Red blood cell formation


Are B Complex vitamins water or fat soluble?

Water soluble


How does B12 effect homocysteine?

Clear homocysteine levels from the blood


How does Folate effect homocysteine?

Folate is used in homocysteine metabolism


Why are DFE used to talk bout how much folate is consumed?

DFE's are used because folic acid has a different bioavailability than folate from food


What role do the B complex vitamins play in CVD risk reduction?

available evidence in inadequate to support a role for B vitamins in reducing CVD


What are the changes in B12 absorption rates in adults?

reduced stomach acidity, and intestinal disorders, have difficulty absorbing B12 from food


What are the fat soluble vitamins?

A,D, E, K


What did they find there was an increased risk of in beta-carotene supplementation?

an increase in lung cancer for current and former smokers


What were the min tke wy points from bet-carotene supplementation?

can cause an increase in lung cancer for smokers
hypothesis must be tested in larger RCT
positive association with cancer reduction


Where do each of the 5 steps of the synthesis of vitamin D take place?

absorbed by the sun through the skin
then go to liver and converts to 25OHD
to the kidney
Equals active form of vitamin D


What is the vitamin D debate about?

how much vitamin D does our body need?


What did the IOM find in their report with regards to Vitamin D?

to much of these nutrients my be harmful
the role for vitamin D is just bone health, nothing else


Did the IOM change their recommendations for vitamin D?

yes, they increased them


What are the functions of vitamin d?

regulation of gene expression
helps the body absorb calcium
improve bone health


Too much vitamin E can increase what type of cancer?

prostate cancer