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How much time should be spent on Section A?

30 mins


How much time should be spent on Section B?

45 mins


What is the whole of Section A about?

WW1(the Western Front)


What is Question 1?

Describe two features

4 marks

5 minutes


What is Question 2a?

How useful are Sources A and B for an enquiry

8 marks


What is the paragraph layout for Question 2a?

Usefulness= Content + Provenance(reliability)

One paragraph on content(2 separate quotes from source and what you can learn from them backed up by own knowledge)

One paragraph on provenance- use DAM(Date, Author, Motive) to evaluate how reliable the source is

One paragraph on each for both sources(four in total)


What is Question 3?

Explain one way

4 marks


What is Question 4?

Explain why

2 bullet points

12 marks


What is the layout for Question 4?

4 paragraphs

NO introduction or conclusion

2 on each bullet point given, 2 more on own knowledge surrounding question


What is Question 2b?

1 detail you would follow up(quote from source)

1 Question you would ask

1 source you could research to answer the question

How the source will help to answer the question

4 marks


What is the layout for Question 5/6?

Introduction, 4 paragraphs and conclusion

1 disagree, 1 agree, 1 disagree, 1 agree, conclusion


What is Question 5/6?

Choose ONE

20 marks

25 mins