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8 roles of the president?

1. Chief of state: ceremonial head of the government and symbol of all people.
2. Chief executive: Power to enforce the law (most powerful position in the world)
3. Cheap administration: CEO of the federal government (employees about 2.7 million)
4. Chief diplomat: architect foreign policy (nations chief spokesperson to the world)
5. Commander in chief: head of armed forces
6. Chief legislator: architect of public policy
7. Chief of party: leader of his political party.
8. Chief citizen: representative of all the people of the USA


6 formal powers of the president?

1. Appointment power: cabinet, federal judges
2. Power to convene Congress: State of the Union address special
3. Power to make treaties : agreement between two or more countries
4. Veto power : reject legislation
5. Commander in chief power: head of armed forces
6. Pardoning power: grant releases to criminals


Qualifications of president

1. Be a "natural born" citizen
2. Be at least 35
3. Have lived in the USA for at least 14 years


Oval Office

Place where president does his work


the 22nd amendment

Presidents term
2-4 years terms or no longer then 10 years


25 amendment

Pres. succession


5 positions of presidential succession after the pres.

Vice pres.
Speaker of the house
Pres. Pro tempor of the senate
Sec. State
Sec. treasury


Formal duties of the Vice President

1. Preside over the senate
2. Hero decide disability of the pres.


Major function of the executive branch ?

Enforce laws


Electoral collage

Group of people chosen from each state to formally elect the pres.


Jobs of the cabinet

1. Administer their departments
2. Advise the pres.


3 original cabinet positions and who headed them ?

1. Dept. of state - Thomas Jefferson
2. Dept. of treasury-Alexander hamilition
3. Dept. of war - Henry Knox


Identify oldest largest and newest cabinet departments

Oldest- department of state
Newest- department of homeland security
Largest- department of defense


3 jobs of the judicial/courts

1. Interpret the laws
2. Settle disputes
3. Create expectations for the future


2 types of courts

1. Constitutional courts
A. Surpreme court
B. District courts /trial
C. Courts of appeals
D. Us court if the international trade
2. Special courts
A. Armed courts
B. Veterans
C. Federal claims
D. Tax


Two types of jurisdiction

1. Original jurisdiction- court in which the case is first heard
2. Appellate jurisdiction- court that hears cases in appeal



Person who files the charge



Person who the complaint is against


Grand jury

(16-23) decides if there is enough evidence to take to trial


Petite jury

(12) decides guilty or innocent


Supreme Court

" court of last resort"