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What goes into the cost of a case of mastitis?

  • Milk discarded after treatment
  • Reduction in milk yield
  • Reduction in milk quality (SCC and Bactoscan)
  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Farm labour costs
  • Veterinary costs
  • Culling rates and/or deaths


What are the natural defences against mastitis?

Teat End Defences

  • Teat skin
  • Teat canal barrier
  • Teat canal closure (takes up to 30 mins post-milking)
  • Genetic factors

Intrinsic defence Mechanisms

  • Lactoferrin (dry period)
  • Lactoperoxidase

Inducible Defence Mechanisms

  • Inflammatory Response

Influence of Management


How do bacteria enter an udder?

Grown in - contagious pathogens

Forced/propelled in via milking machine, antibiotic tube, capillary action, surgical/cannula


What are the contagious pathogens that cause mastitis?

Staph aureus

Strep agalactiae

STrep dysgalactiae


C. bovis


What are the environmental pathogens that cause mastitis?

E. coli

Strep uberis

Pseudomonas aeruinosa

Bacillus cereus

Teasts and moulds


Why is Staph aureus so difficult to treat successfully?

  • Poor antibiotic penetration
  • Production of B-lactamase
  • Persistence of bacteria within the cell
  • Bacteria insensitive to antibiotic therapy
  • Insufficient duration of therapy


When do most cows get mastitis from E. coli?

Infection during dry period


Why is pathognomonic of mastitis caused by mycoplasma?

Hard udder with water/sandy/thick secretions 


What is mastitis from strep uberis associated with?

Straw yards and infection during the dry period


How do you determine clinical mastitis? subclincial?

Clinical - milk, udder, cow

Subclinical - Somatic cell count and bacteria


What are the effects of mastitis on milk constituents?


  • Protein (including casein)
  • Lactose
  • Butterfat
  • Calcium, phosphorous
  • Stability and keeping quality
  • Taste deteriorates


  • RBC
  • WBC
  • Bacteria
  • Plasmin (degrades casein)
  • Lipase (degrades fat)
  • Sodium, chloride, pH (make bitter)


How do you detect mastitis?

Clinical Mastitis:

  1. Foremilking
  2. Palpation of udder
  3. Systemic illness in cow
  4. In-line mastitis detectors
  5. Milk sock/filter

Sub-clinical Mastitis:

  1. SCC
  2. Bactoscan
  3. Increases in milk conductivity
  4. Measurement of acute phase proteins in milk

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