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What is appetitive and consummatory behaviour?

Appetitive= activity that increases the likelihood of fulfilling a certain need e.g. food searching

Consummatory= response to a stimulus that achieves the satisfaction of fulfilling a need e.g. actual ingestion of food


What is the hunger mechanism used in wild animals?

Eat until they don’t feel hungry


What is the satiety mechanism in domestic animals?

Avoid their stomachs being so empty that they experience hunger


What is the optimal foraging theory?

If a patch of food becomes depleted it is beneficial to move to a different patch


How to do animals learn/who from when feeding?

Training and trial and error feeding
Maternal learning
Observational learning through conspecifics


What does pica mean?

Abnormal ingestive behaviour of materials not normally food


What is conditioned taste aversion?

The pairing of a food with a toxin causing illness


What are the effects of domestication on feeding behaviour?

Less feeding time
Competition in a limited space
Can cause stereotypies