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What is the difference between oestrous and oestrus?

Oestrous is an adjective used to describe the oestrus cycle or some aspect of it

Oestrus is a noun indicating the period of sexual receptivity


What are the three important characteristics of female sexual behaviour?

1. Attractivity
2. Proceptivity
3. Receptivity


What are the two important characteristics of male sexual behaviour?

1. Sexual motivation- libido or sex drive
2. Mating competency- ability to copulate


What is a free running horse?

A feral, semi feral or pasture bred horse where they have year round interaction with a harem of mares


What is in hand breeding of horses?

The mare and stallion are likely to meet only for copulation


How does a male dog identify if a bitch is in oestrus?

By licking and sniffing at her urine, anal gland secretions and vulvar secretions


Why do dogs not display the flehmen response?

Because their lips are too firmly attached to their upper jaw


How do cats determine if I queen is in oestrus?

Gape response
Licking and sniffing at her perineal area


What is a coital cry in cats?

As the penis is withdrawn, the reverse facing barbed ridges around it cause pain to the female cat


What is the main stimulus which releases mounting behaviour in some males?

Visual rather than pheromones

Immobile structure looking more or less like a conspecific animal initiated mounting behaviour in males


What is the male effect in animals?

Introduction of a male brings about oestrus quicker than if no male was present


What is gonadectomy and what are the benefits?

Castration in males and females
Can control negative behaviours and is thought to make animals live longer